1875 Easter Vestry Meeting

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 03 April 1875

Easter Vestry Meeting.

The annual Easter Vestry was held in the Vestry Room on Tuesday evening. The Rev. D. F. Wilson, vicar of the parish, occupied the chair, and among others present were E. Mills and J. Bridger, Esqrs. (churchwardens), F. Gale, Esq., Messrs W. Blakeney, W. R. Harwood, J. Harwood, J. Summerfield, J. Paxton, T. Batchelor, W. Smith, C. B. Hallward, &c. Messrs. E. Mills and J. Bridger having declined to serve churchwardens again this year, the vicar nominated as his churchwarden C. B. Hallward, Esq. On the motion of Mr. Bridger, seconded by Mr. Mills, Jermain Nobes, Esq., was elected parish churchwarden. The Overseers were re-elected, being Messrs W. R. Harwood, Abrehart, and S. Love. The waywardens, Messrs. T. Allen, T. Bachelor, and H. Newman were also re-elected. After some discussion as to whether it was requisite to continue the office of assistant-overseer, it was resolved that Mr. R. M. Chart should be appointed at salary of £25. The auditors for the Lighting Rate Accounts and the Endowed Charities Accounts were re-elected, being Messrs. W. Smith, W. Field, and J. Harwood. Mr. W. Hills, jun., having been re-elected Inspector of places for slaughtering horses, the Vicar presented the Charity Accounts, and the proceedings were brought to a close a vote of thanks to the Chairman.

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