Mr Noakes

Mr. Noakes was a teacher at the Lower Mitcham School, possibly 1920s to 1930s.

Arthur, pupil in the school from 1927 to 1933, said:

I was dared by others in Mr Noakes’s class one day to throw a wad of blotting paper, full of ink, at him. I used a ruler to flick it to him while he was writing on the blackboard and so facing away from the class. As I let go, someone yelled out, and Mr Noakes turned round. The blotting paper hit him right in the mooi (face). He therefore saw who had aimed this at him!

He ordered me to go and see the other four teachers and get three strokes of the cane from each of them. Actually the fourth teacher asked how many strokes I had had before him. I said nine, and so he let me off, saying that nine was enough.
Even so, it made me think twice before I did that again.

His nickname was ‘Blue Dot’, as he had a blue dot on the side of his face, from a war injury.

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