Mitcham Histories Series

Books written about Mitcham by the late Eric Norman Montague, of the Merton Historical Society (MHS). These books can be bought in Merton public libraries, and through the MHS website, click on a link below.

  1. The Cricket Green
  2. North Mitcham
  3. Pollards Hill, Commonside East and Lonesome
  4. Lower Mitcham
  5. Lower Green West
  6. Mitcham Bridge, The Watermeads and the Wandle Mills
  7. The Upper or Fair Green, Mitcham
  8. Phipps Bridge
  9. Colliers Wood or ‘Merton Singlegate’
  10. Ravensbury
  11. The Cranmers, The Canons and Park Place
  12. Church Street and Whitford Lane
  13. Willow Lane and Beddington Corner
  14. Upper Mitcham and Western Road (includes series index)

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