Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Links to Mitcham people:

Doctors and Nurses
Those who served in Wars

Recently Added/Updated

Added : 1890 : Church denied share of profits from Mitcham Common gravel extraction
Updated : More detail added to Morfax (Metal Developments) Ltd.
Added : Morfax Social Club Sports Ground
Added : Beacon Garage
Added : F.W. Jackson, jewellers
Added : Elmhurst Cafe
Added : Lilian Road
Updated : Maps and 1883 advert added to Lonesome Chemical Works
Added : 415 London Road
Revised : 226 London Road
Added : Fair Green Public Convenience
Added : Ruth Cole
Added : Walpole’s Stores
Added : Sergeant Thomas Oakley Burgess D.F.M.
Added : Mitcham and District Poultry Club
Added : Flight Lieutenant Joseph Laurence Moore D.F.C.
Added : Husband and wife killed in air raid in firm’s basement in London
Added : 1941 : Figges Marsh Keeper Albert Edward Ball
Added : Albert Thomas Till, Medical Officer for Health at Mitcham
Added : A Romance of Evacuation
Added : Wide Way
Added : Hercules Ladies Athletic Club
Added : 1933: Mitcham Boy Shot In Leg When After Rats

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