Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Recently Added/Updated

Added : Hengelo Gardens
Added : ICL 2904 computer at Downs Surgical
Added : Home Guard Photos to Identify Part 1
Added : 1962 Slum Clearance Scheme
Updated : Photos added to Ernest Edward Mount
Added : W.E. Horsman, Son & Co., Iron Foundry in Eveline Road
Added : 1877 : Methodism in Mitcham
Added : 1880 : Gas Workmen’s Outing
Added : Cameo Cafe
Added : Methodist Church Upper Green East
Added : Howard’s Brookfields Estate
Added : The Barrel Golfing Society
Updated : More detail, including 1910 map, added to Langdale Avenue
Added : Ludlow Brothers Ltd.

The booklet by Tom Higgs on the history of cricket at Mitcham was originally published in 1985. By kind permission from the family of the late author, a paperback is now available on Amazon, priced £5.99p

After Amazon takes its sales commission, the remainder will be donated to the Mitcham Cricket Club. Please click the image below to go to the website to order your copy and help support the playing of cricket on the world’s oldest continuously in use cricket ground.

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