Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Recently Added/Updated

Updated : Photos of front of building taken in 2021 added to Mitcham Court
Added : Aerial views of post-WW2 temporary housing
Added : Sandy Lane football ground
Added : Aerial Views of the Mitcham Stadium and Sandy Lane football ground
Added : Mitcham Town Centre Aerial Views

Added : Henry Hoare memorial in the parish church
Added : Mitcham Electrical Fan Co. Ltd.
Updated : Photos added to Surrey Arms coat of arms showing new signs
Updated : Photo of estate map added to The Beeches
Updated : More street directory entries added to Nursery Road
Updated : More newspaper articles added to Prussia Place
Added : 1856 : Fatal accident on the Croydon and Mitcham Railway
Updated : aerial photos links page Britain From Above updated to use Historic England
Updated : stats updated on Local newspapers digitised on BNA
Added : Battersea and Chelsea Polytechnics Sports Ground

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