Some notes about the history of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Links to Mitcham people:

Doctors and Nurses
Those who served in Wars

Recently Added/Updated

Updated : Carew Road
Added : Arney & Co., gelatine makers
Updated : Arney’s Lane
Added : Stevenson & Rush, grocers, 327 London Road
Updated : Cricket Memorial Stone – links added for the club’s booklets
Added : Hycombe Properties Ltd., 251 London Road
Added : J.C. Wray Garages Ltd., 134 London Road
Added : E.A. Mallen, stationers, 386 London Road
Added : John Palmer Cars, Cricket Green
Added : Mitcham Tree Fellers, Western Road
Added : Anne Cedar
Added : Engineers Stores & Equipment Ltd., 34 Monarch Parade
Added : Hudson, E & E, 321 London Road
Added : Mitchell, Rush and Co., 235 London Road
Added : Perry Bros
Added : Berry’s, 415b London Road
Added : Gaybell’s, butchers, 415b London Road
Added : V.J. Marshall, newsagent and sub post office, 494 London Road
Added : Perry’s, shoe shop, 8a Upper Green West
Updated : Cranmer Motors
Updated : C Barbers & Sons added 1955 ad
Added : Greenview, 6 Cricket Green
Added : B. Hunt, florists, 7 Fair Green Parade
Added : H.J. Chapman, 237 London Road
Added : T.J. Shaw, hairdresser, 239 London Road
Added : G.M. Shepherd, newsagent
Added : P.J. Clarke, newsagent and stationer
Updated : Cricketers pub advert from 1955 with info on the pub sign
Added : Hall’s Butchers
Added : Corner House Restaurant, 249 London Road
Added : 1918 booklet from W.J. Bush
Added : Alfred Ernest Gardner, furniture dealer, Commonside West
Added : 1922 : Mitcham Common Aerodrome plan dropped
Added : Links Estate
Added : 1890 : Church denied share of profits from Mitcham Common gravel extraction
Updated : More detail added to Morfax (Metal Developments) Ltd.

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