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Mitcham Evening Institute

From the Mitcham Youth Handbook of 1949

The Mitcham Evening Institute, which is one of the largest in the County, provides further educational facilities for students of all ages. Classes are arranged in a wide variety of subjects: commercial, technical and recreational. There are two main Centres:—

Western Road County Secondary School,
Western Road, Mitcham.

Pollards Hill County Secondary School,
Greenwood Road, Mitcham.

There are also a number of specialized classes held in other schools suitable buildings in the Borough. The majority of the classes commence in September and continue for two periods—September to Easter, and Easter to July — with the usual short breaks for Christmas and Whitsun. Enrolments are accepted at any time, but intending students are urged to enrol during the first week of a fresh session.

There are no fees for students under 19 years of age and for those over the fees are very moderate.

Providing that there is a demand, classes can be formed in any subject. This applies to Youth Organisations catering for the cultural activities of their members.

Arrangements are provided for students to sit for examinations set by the Royal Society of Arts, Pitman’s, London Chamber of Commerce, the Royal Life Saving Society and the Surrey Education Committee.

A prospectus, giving full details, is issued in September of each year, and copies can be obtained from the Public Library, the Youth Employment Bureau, the Divisional Executive Officer or direct from:

Mr. George A. Saunders,
Western Road C.S. School,
Mitcham (MlTcham 4955), Head of Institute.


Mr. S. M. Smith,
Pollards Hill C.S. School,
Mitcham (Pollards 3707),
Deputy Head of Institute.

Source: Local Studies Centre, Morden Library, Civic Centre, Morden.
Reference: L2 (369) MIT