The books by Eric Montague can be bought from the Merton Historical Society.

Mitcham Histories by E.N. Montague

Finding books about Mitcham can be a problem when searching on Amazon as a general search will return the many works of author Carl Mitcham. I’ve gone through all the results I found just for Mitcham and have listed them below. Click on the image to be taken to the Amazon web page.

Book with old photographs

Old Mitcham

A collection of 180 photographs by Tom Francis is available with descriptions in this book, edited by Eric Montague. More of his collection can be found on Merton Memories.

Pocket Images

Mitcham – a Pictorial History

Mitcham Archive Photos

General History

Mitcham Common : A Short History

Mitcham Common by Eric Montague

The Snuff Mill Story : Local History of Morden, Mitcham and Merton

The Story of Lavender

This book includes the growing of lavender in Mitcham and Wallington.

Andersons of Islington

Timber business that started in 1863 in Islington, North London, established a wood yard in Mitcham in 1948. This book has two photos of the yard.


Mitcham Common Ecology Trail

All Change on Mitcham Common


Fitted Up: The Mitcham Co-op Murder and the Fight to Prove my Innocence

by George Thatcher


Strange Mitcham

by James Clark


300 Years of Mitcham Cricket by Tom Higgs

The booklet by Tom Higgs on the history of cricket at Mitcham was originally published in 1985. By kind permission from the family of the late author, a paperback is now available on Amazon, priced £5.99p

After Amazon takes its sales commission, the remainder will be donated to the Mitcham Cricket Club. Please click the image below to go to the website to order your copy and help support the playing of cricket on the world’s oldest continuously in use cricket ground.


Lambeth to Lamsdorf : Doug Hawkins’ War