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1933: Mitcham Boy Shot In Leg When After Rats

From the Mitcham News and Mercury, 20th of October 1933, page 1

Mitcham boy shot in leg

Accident When After Rats

Operation on Sunday

A number of lads were shooting rats with a small shotgun in Reader’s-yard, Lewis Road, Mitcham, on Saturday afternoon when George William Hutton (age 13), Lewis Cottages, Lewis Road, Mitcham, was accidentally shot in the right leg.

He told his parents, and his father at once took him to Wilson Cottage Hospital.

On Sunday the boy was operated upon at the hospital, and over 50 pellets were extricated from the leg.

He has since made satisfactory progress.

Mrs Hutton, the boy’s mother, told a “Mercury” reporter that her boy managed to crawl home with his leg bleeding, and his father carried him to hospital on the front of his bicycle.

“My boy told us it was not anybody’s fault,” she added. “The shooting was accidental while they were walking together in the yard. The shotgun belongs to one of the other boys and went off when they collided with each other.”

Gunner Robert Reader

Robert Reader enlisted in at Scotton Camp near Catterick in Yorkshire (now called the Catterick Garrison).

He was a gunner with the Territorial Force Battalion, 372nd Battery, Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery Regiment, service number 636288.

He died on 21st January 1918 in Mesopotamia, and is buried at the Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, plot I row A grave 6, in Iraq.

His name is on the north side of the Mitcham War Memorial on Lower Green West.

Commonwealth War Grave Commission casualty record

His age isn’t shown on his grave details, but a Robert Reader, aged 29, was married to Amy Stacey, aged 30, on 17th November 1912, at the parish church in Church Road. His address at that time was number 4 Lewis Road, and hers was at number 2.

Assuming this is the same Robert Reader, then he died at the age of 35.

Lulworth Crescent

New road and housing built on site of the Standard Upholstery factory, 36 Lewis Road, in 1988/9. Planning permission 88/P1640 was approved for the :

redevelopment of site by the erection of 20 no. 3 bed houses 14 no. 1 bed flats and 9 no. 2 bed flats with associated parking and landscaping including construction of new link road between Lewis Road and Portland Road.

The new link road referred became an extension to Portland Road. After the Standard Upholstery company left, its factory buildings was known as the Standard Trading Estate.

Street map of Lulworth Crescent overlaid onto Standard Upholstery factory

Street map of Lulworth Crescent overlaid onto Standard Upholstery factory

1903 : House Refuse Nuisance in Lewis Road

This report to the Mitcham Parochial Committee of the Croydon Rural District Council describes a parcel of land, formerly and orchard, which has been divided by two owners. A gravel pit, filled with water has dried out and is being used to dump household waste, leading to the nuisance complained of. The report describes the size of the land, who owns it and where houses were built.

This 1894 OS map shows a field, number 298, of the same size referred to in the report, and so could be Nicholl’s Orchard.

1894 OS map

1894 OS map

From the minutes of the
Croydon Rural District Council
Mitcham Parochial Committee
Volume VIII 1902 – 1903
21st July 1903
page 294

2. House Refuse: Lewis Road.

The Sub-committee appointed to consider and report upon the alleged nuisance caused by the deposit of house refuse on land in Lewis Road, occupied by Messrs. Reader and Cramp, submitted the following report:-

The piece of land in question is about 3.5 acres in extent, and was
formerly known as “Nicholls’ Orchard.” It has a frontage of about 230 ft
to Lewis Road, and a depth of something over 650 foot. The gravel was
excavated a few years ago from the whole of the land in question, with the
exception of a small piece in the south-west corner abutting on Lewis Road.
The piece of land has since been sub-divided, the western portion being
owned and occupied by Mr. George Reader, and the eastern portion being occupied by Mr. Cramp.

Mr. Reader has built a pair of cottages on the south west corner of his piece abutting on Lewis Road. There are two or three cottages on the other side of Lewis Road, near to the south east corner of the part occupied by Mr Cramp, but, generally speaking, this district is sparsely inhabited.

The filling up of both parts of this excavated gravel pit has apparently been going on for the past year or two in an irregular and unsystematic manner.
The materials used for filling consist of miscellaneous rubbish, a large part of which appears to be unobjectionable from a sanitary point of view (however unsightly it may be from the point of view of the landscape gardener). A certain proportion of it, however, no doubt consists of vegetable and other refuse, the decomposition of which under unfavourable conditions might produce malarious vapours and be injurious to health.
When the Sub Committee first visited the place on Saturday, the 20th June, it was flooded by the exceptional rains of the previous week; a large part was completely submerged, and the remainder was a sloppy bog.

As this moisture evaporated during the dry weather which followed, bad and unwholesome vapours were no doubt given off, but that was a state of things prevalent throughout the district after the abnormal rains, and was not peculiar to the piece of land under consideration.

When the land was revisited three weeks later a marked improvement was apparent. On Mr. Cramp’s part of the land there was still a deepish pool of some size at the further end from the road to which the filling in process has not yet extended, the water in which was discoloured and foul, and there were still some puddles of foul and stagnant water in certain hollows and depressions on Mr. Reader’s piece; but having regard to the distance from dwellings and the nature of the surroundings, there was nothing to take serious exception to.

Mr. Cramp had been continuing to bring in dust contractors dust-bin refuse, but following up a caution from the Sub-Committee, had had it covered fairly.

Mr. Reader had been taking in no more filling in of any kind, and made complaint of what he considered inequality of treatment, saying that Mr. Cramp had been permitted to continue to fill in with dust contractors dustbin clearings, whereas he (Reader) had been forbidden ; that in consequence the general level of Cramp’s piece was raised a foot or more higher than Reader’s, and the water was forced from Cramp’s on to Reader’s piece, causing the puddles before referred to.

As regards this complaint the Sub-Committee think there must have been some misunderstanding on Reader’s part, for it is manifestly desirable that both Reader and Cramp should be encouraged to fill in as rapidly as possible, so as to bring the surface of the land up to the normal level, and get rid of the pools of stagnant water from which malarial vapours may arise.

If this work of filling in is undertaken systematically from the frontage to Lewis Road with dust-bin clearings and other suitable materials, properly covered as the work goes on, the water which must gather in the hollows will be gradually driven further and further back from the roadway and the inhabited houses until it is got rid of altogether, and the land will be rendered fit for cultivation.

Both Mr. Reader and Mr. Cramp appear ready and willing to do this, which is manifestly to the advantage of their property, and this Sub-Committee recommends that the misapprehension under which Mr. Reader appeals to labour, as before stated, be removed by a proper intimation from this Committee, and that for the present no further action be taken.

G. Farewell Jones.
George Parker.
John Stickings.

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Lewis Road

Road between Church Road and Western Road. According to the Royal Mail postcode finder, Lewis Road as 119 addresses.

No. 1, Lewis Road is Lime Court, on the corner with Church Road. This has 46 flats, numbered 1 to 46 inclusive, with postcode CR4 3LS. Lime Court was built around 1987/8.

Evens numbers 2 to 10, 10A, 12 to 24 to 34, 34A, 36 to 46, 50 to 70 Lewis Road are CR4 3DE.

Odd numbers 19 to 27, 37 to 47, 47A, 55 to 69 are CR4 3DF.

Numbers 29,31,33 and 35 Lewis don’t exist now, as Dalton Avenue cuts through there.

This 1913 map shows a varnish works at the Church Road end. This would later be the belting factory.

1913 OS map

Occupants from 1915 street directory

from Church Road to Western Road

… here is Oakwood Avenue
… here is Ashtree Avenue

7, George READER, shopkeeper
William SEARLE, contractor (Oakwood Villa)

Occupants from 1915 electoral register:

1 Orchard villas : Alfred READER
2 Orchard villas : Albert NEALE
3 Orchard villas : Edward lee GRICE
Cornelia Cottage : Charles HACK
Cornelia Cottage : Henry DAY
Emily Cottage : Frederick Augustus FOSSEY
Violet Cottage : James Edward TOOGOOD
7, George READER
Rose villa : Alfred John SLATER
Orchard villa : Henry SEALE
Westfield farm : Sydney CORNWALL
4 Rosemary cottages : John SEALE
3 Rosemary cottages : Daniel ELLIS
1 Claremont cottages : Henry George SMITH
2 Claremont cottages : William SAVILLE
3 Claremont cottages : Samuel George HUMPHREY
4 Claremont cottages : Alfred Samuel GOODWIN
5 Claremont cottages : John SMITH
6 Claremont cottages : John DOLBY
7 Claremont cottages : James BEARMAN
8 Claremont cottages : Samuel PAYNE
10 Claremont cottages : Griffin CRESSWELL
11 and 12 Claremont cottages : William ASPLAND
13 Claremont cottages : Walter STAGG
14 Claremont cottages : Thomas STEVENS
15 Claremont cottages : Thomas STAGG
16 and 17 Claremont cottages : Charles WILLIAM
2 Rosemary cottages : Isaac SEALE

Occupants from the 1925 street directory:

from Church Road to Western Road
… here is Oakwood avenue …
… here is Ashtree avenuse …
1, George READER
3, Charles William HACK
4, Richard STEVENS
5, Edward Charles Le GRICE
6, James E. TOOGOOD (confectioner)
7, George READER and Miss V. READER (fried fish shop)
8, Alfred John READER (metal merchant)
Mitcham Poultry Food Co. Limited
Cavendish villa : Alfred George BROWN
Ivy villa : Harry PATEY
Rose villa : Mrs SLATER
Laurel villa : John W. SALES
Orchard villa : William SEALE
Isaac SEALE (metal merchant)
Rosemary villa : Sidney D. CORNWALL
Westfield farm : John CORNWELL

Rosemary cottages:
1, William SEALE (confectioner)
2, Isaac SEALE
4, Mrs EVANS

P.J. Nash & Co. Ltd. (sauce manufacturers)

From the 1930 commercial directory

1, George SMITH (dairy)
31, A. Couling & Sons (fried fish shop)
33, Alfred READER (firewood dealer)
41, William SEALE (greengrocer)
59, John CORNWELL (hotel waste contractor tel: 0880)

The following have no number given in the directory:

Mitcham Poultry Food Co. Limited (poultry food manufacturers tel: 0800)
Seal’s Yard : George HARKWRIGHT (haulage contractor tel: 3919)
Isaac SEALS (scrap metal merchant) (note: could be SEALE not SEALS)
Zalmo Pickle & Sauce Works (A. D. Robertson, propr.)

World War 1 Connections
Bombadier Frank Osborne Broster

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

G ASPLAND of 9 Lewis Cottages Westfield Mitcham, aged 31 Years 6 Months, Fitter. Conscripted on 2 March 1917 to the Royal Engineers.

D ELLIS of 3 Rosemary Cot Lewis Road, aged 38 Years, Scaffolder. Volunteered on 15 January 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

W HUMPHREY of 4 Lewis Cot Mitcham, aged 19 Years 11 Months, Labourer. Volunteered on 24 February 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment.

A J READER of 1 Orchard Villa Lewis Road, aged 27 Years 3 Months, Carter. Conscripted on 18 June 1917 to the Army Veterinary Corps.

P O SLATER of 3 Lewis Road, aged 19 Years 8 Months, Machinist. Conscripted on 6 December 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment (29th Batn).

H SMITH of 16 Lewis Cottages Mitcham, aged 36 Years 11 Months, Iron Worker. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment.

H G C SMITH of 1 Lewis Cot Lewis Road, aged 33 Years, Labourer. Volunteered on 15 January 1915 to the Royal Engineers.

W G SLATER of Rose Villa Lewis Road, aged 18 Years 6 Months, Belt Maker. Conscripted on 7 March 1917 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment (30th Lab Co).

R T STEVENS of Emily Cottage Lewis Road, aged 31 Years, Belt Maker. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 7 June 1916 to the East Kent Regiment (3rd Batn).

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Oakwood Avenue

Road off north side of Lewis Road, near the Church Road end.

undated photo of Oakwood Avenue

1913 OS map

1913 OS map

World War 1 Connections
From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

Rifleman Robert Langridge

Private Herbert Percy Andrews

Private Alfred Joseph Tracey

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

W G BRUNTON of 10 Oakwood Avenue, aged 25 Years 1 Months, Labourer. Conscripted on 23 November 1915 to the Royal Fusiliers (5th Batn).

T GODDING of 56 Oakwood Avenue, aged 31 Years 11 Months, Assistant. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 10 December 1915 to the Suffolk Regiment (1st Batn).

C F GOSNEY of 5 Oakwood Avenue, aged 18 Years 1 Months, Labourer. Joined on 8 April 1915 to the East Surrey Regiment.

R H HALL of 29 Oakwood Avenue, aged 37 Years 3 Months, Bus Inspector. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment (3rd Batn).

G W HILLING of 40 Oakwood Ave Mitcham, aged 37 Years 11 Months, Clerk. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 13 May 1916 to the Army Veterinary Corps.

F INSTANCE of 25 Oakwood Avenue, aged 19 Years 8 Months, Labourer. Volunteered on 21 August 1915 to the Middlesex Regiment.

J A MANSELL of 47 Oakwood Avenue, aged 37 Years 2 Months, Agent Asst. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 May 1916 to the Royal Flying Corps.

F C MANSER of 19 Oakwood Avenue, aged 40 Years 5 Months, Telephone Operator. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 11 December 1915 to the Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment.

L W MARTIN of 38 Oakwood Avenue, aged 34 Years 11 Months, Clerk. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 10 December 1915 to the Essex Regiment (4th Batn).

E A MINNS of 49 Oakwood Avenue, aged 38 Years 9 Months, Manager. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 7 December 1915 to the Durham Light Infantry (5th Batn).

J ROAKE of 13 Oakwood Avenue, aged 19 Years, Wireman. Volunteered on 19 November 1915 to the Royal Horse Artillery.

H SHARMAN of 38 Oakwood Avenue, aged 29 Years 1 Months, Motor Driver. Conscripted on 7 May 1917 to the Army Service Corps (mt).

G A SIVIOUR of 12 Oakwood Avenue, aged 25 Years 10 Months, Secretary. Conscripted on 11 December 1916 to the Royal Horse & Field Artillery.

C SMITH of 15 Oakwood Avenue, aged 37 Years 11 Months, Metal Worker. Conscripted on 10 December 1915 to the 3rd Training Reserve Batn.

T S STRAGNELL of 41 Oakwood Avenue, aged 35 Years 9 Months, Tarcutter. Conscripted on 10 December 1915 to the 63rd Rifles (naval Division).

J TAYLOR of 52 Oakwood Avenue, aged 17 Years 8 Months, Clerk. Conscripted on 7 February 1917 to the Army Service Corps (ht).

A TEDDER of 9 Oakwood Avenue, aged 30 Years 7 Months, Manager. Conscripted on 8 December 1916 to the Royal West Kent Regiment (3rd Batn).

H THOMAS of 14 Oakwood Avenue, aged 26 Years 8 Months, Chauffeur. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 12 December 1915 to the Army Service Corps (mt).

T C THORNTON of 17 Oakwood Avenue, aged 22 Years, Roundsman. Conscripted on 19 October 1916 to the Norfolk Regiment (2/6th Batn).

Occupants from 1915 street directory

from Lewis Road


1, Miss Louis LASENBY, shopkeeper
3, Mrs GILL
5, George GOSNEY, estate office
7, George REYNOLDS
9, Arthur TEDDER
11, Henry Edward FOSTER
13, John William ROAKE
15, Charles SMITH
17, Alfred FRANKLIN
19, Frederick MANSER
21, Frederick WILLIAMS
25, Henry William INSTANCE
27, Henry DREWETT
29, Ernest Alfred BOUFFLER
31, Thomas STEPHEN
35, William GIDDINGS
37, Albert EVERITT
39, Robert Henry HALL
41, Thomas STRUGNELL
43, William MUSTOE
45, Harry Walter BRENNAN
47, James MANSELL, assistant insurance supt
49, Ernest MINNS
51, James REED
53, Arthur FOLEY
55, Albert Henry HENSHAW
57, Charles Edward PEARCE
59, Robert NEWMAN


2, Harold THOMAS, confectioner
4, Augustus STANSFORD
8, Edward Thompson THOMPSON
10, Frederick BRUNTON
12, George Albert SIVIOUR
14, Harold THOMAS
16, John Thomas COOPER
18, Thomas LEGG
20, William STOKES
22, Thomas Henry DYER
24, Albert William SLEIGH
28, Edward Samuel DANSON
30, Isaac Edward ASHLEY
32, James HUDSON
34, William John SLATER
36, William George TANNER
38, Francis Edward KING
40, George William HILLING
42, David HORAN
44, Charles PURNELL
46, Harry COLLINS
48, William George CARTER
50, John Edward BARNARD
52, Joseph TAYLOR
54, Ernest ROGERS
56, Thomas GODDINGS
60, Arthur John THOMPSON
60A, Henry FURRIER

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Glebe Avenue

1953 OS map

Road that runs south off Lewis Road, opposite Ashtree Avenue, and ends at Fox’s Path. The houses are even numbered on its west side and odd on the east.

It was possibly built in 1926/7 as the originally proposed name of St. Dunstan’s Avenue was rejected by the Urban District Council:

From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District Council
Highways, New Streets and Buildings, and Lighting Committee
Tuesday, 14th September, 1926
Page 254

22. Name of street

– Read letter from Messrs Chart, Son & Reading suggesting on behalf of Mr G. Reader the names of Westfield Avenue and Glebe Avenue for the new street upon his estate, in lieu of St. Dunstan’s Avenue, which was previously submitted and disapproved.

Resolved, That the name of Glebe Avenue be approved.

Coal receipt was for 10 hundredweights (half a ton) of HHA, which possibly meant Heavy Haulage Anthracite. The total cost was £2 9s. 4d., which in 2020 values is around £90.

Newspaper Items

Advertised under Apartments To Let in the Norwood News – Saturday 6th August 1927

TWO Rooms, one as kitchenette; suit one adult; apply after 7 p.m.-22, Glebe-avenue, Lewis-road., Mitcham.

Norwood News – Friday 22nd March 1929


Mr. Dionysius Williams (67), of Glebe-avenue, Mitcham, was walking along Christchurch-road. Colliers Wood, on Monday. when he fell and fractured his left ankle. He was admitted to Wilson Cottage Hospital, Mitcham, and detained.

House for sale by local builder G. Reader from the Norwood News – Friday 7th July 1939

SEMI-DETACHED freehold house, £650, total cash payment, balance 15s. 7d. weekly : good position, bus at end of road,near Colliers Wood Tube Station; 3 bed,reception, bath and w.c.: garden.—APPLY G. Reader. 53, Glebe-avenue. Mitcham. after 6 p.m.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.