War Memorial

Locally listed December 2015 by Merton Council. Nationally listed on 26th July 2017 as Grade II by Historic England.

For details of the names inscribed ion the memorial, see the Roll of Honour website. It was cleaned in 1962, and some names were re-cut incorrectly as they couldn’t be read. At the same time two more inscriptions were added, for WW2 and other conflicts.

Unveiled on Sunday 21st November, 1920. The service was attended by 5,000 people.
Source: Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 26th November, 1920.

Stone cross on plinth and five-stepped octagonal base. Plinth bears inscription and names in relief lettering. Additional plinth bears inscription for WW2. Bronze sword placed on each corner of the plinth.

Source : Imperial War Museums Memorials
© IWM (WMR-12194)
Note that no dimensions are given on the IWM website.

A rough measurement of the height of the memorial was made, using an inclinometer app, and found to be approximately 19 feet. The railings around the memorial are 47 inches high.

20150717 War Memorial

Mitcham War Memorial West Side

West Side

Mitcham War Memorial south side

South Side

Mitcham War Memorial North Side

North Side

East Side

East Side