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256 and 254 London Road

Building divided into two shops with flats above, on west side of London Road, opposite the White Lion of Mortimer pub (formerly the Bucks Head). Numbered from north to south, 254 is on the right and 256 on the left as viewed from the street. Before 1926/7 this part of London Road was called Mitcham High Street, and the numbers ran south to north.

256 on left and 254 on right, London Road, Mitcham. Photo taken August 2017.

This photo, before 1980 or so, showed two features on the top of the building:

This photo from 1895 shows that before this was built stood the drapery shop of Mrs Lack and Mr Cummings greengrocers, see directory listing below.

1895 clip of Merton Memories photo reference Mit_​Streets_​Lon_​38-14 copyright London Borough of Merton

Before being renumbered in 1926, this part of the London Road was called Mitcham High Street. From the 1891 directory (the shops were numbered from 1 going north):

1, Henry COLLBRAN, butcher
2, S.E. BURTON, stationer
3, Charles GOULD, The Kings’ Arms Public House
4, Mrs H. LACK, draper
5, John CUMMINGS, greengrocer
6, Joseph COOK, butcher
7, T.P. SHEPPARD, grocer
8, William BARTER, grocer
9, George Joseph DALE, news agent

— here is Sibthorpe Road

In the 1930 commercial directory, John CUMMINGS is still listed as greengrocer at number 254, hence 4 High Street became number 256.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Bailey Road

Bailey Road no longer exists. It was off the south side of Byegrove Road.

It is shown on this 1950 OS map, with houses numbered odd on the south side, and even on the north. Just south off this map is the cork factory of Walter Mays Ltd.

1950 OS map

Occupants in the 1925 street directory

North Side

4,Herbert SILENCE
6,William Edwin LANG
8,George Herbert PORTER
10,John POTTER
12,Henry LUFFMAN
14,James Frederick SKELTON
18,Frederick Samuel BATHO

South Side

1,Henry George THORPE
3,Ernest WHITE
5,William Frederick BAKER
11,Walter MUNT
13,Charles BOYES
15,James George HUGGETT

Bailey Road is shown on this 1895 OS map:

1895 OS map

However in the 1891 electoral register, a terrace called Bayley Cottages is shown as in Byegrove Road.

Other entries in the 1891 electoral register Listed as Bayley Cottages, Byegrove Road:

Not numbered:

2, Charles BAKER
7, William PHIPPS

Note the Henry LUFFMAN in the 1925 street directory.

The Merton Historical Society have a photo from Eric Montague’s slide collection of the terrace of houses north of Bailey Road. The photo was taken in 1973 looking south. It shows the blocks of flats where Bailey Road was. It can be found on the Colliers Wood collection of photos, related to his book on Colliers Wood in the Mitcham Histories series.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

1891 : Mitcham fruit seller buried with fruit and nuts

A procession of prodigious length passed through Mitcham, consisting of a hearse and feathers, drawn by four plumed horses, the corpse and coffin being borne on men’s shoulders immediately behind, with flowers plentifully strewn on the coffin lid. Behind were two mourning coaches, followed by a long string of vehicles of every conceivable description, from double chaises to donkey-barrows, and every kind of truck and cart in use among the costermongers’ fraternity. Some of the women were passionately weeping, and all the motley crew of this singular funeral cortege were apparently in sincere mourning for the deceased.

The funeral was that of a poor old woman named Hilliard, who kept a small fruit stall in “Buck’s Head” Yard, Mitcham. The deceased had at one time been in a respectable station, and had hit upon the fancy of having a grand funeral. In order to carry out her notion she joined a number of burial clubs, and with the money due to her at death, the whole of the expense of the procession was defrayed.

A singular precaution was taken by this old lady. A quantity of rare old china, which she was afraid her relations would quarrel over, she directed by her will to be buried with her.

And the funeral ended with a peculiar custom, probably dating from remote antiquity, and reminding us of the articles found in ancient graves. After the body had been lowered into the grave, the mourners proceeded to throw in after it apples, walnuts, and other kinds of fruit sold by the deceased during her lifetime.

Source: Pearson’s Weekly – Saturday 21 March 1891 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

250 and 252 London Road

A building in London Road, between the Kings Arms pub and Sibthorpe Road.

Photo taken 27th August 2017 (a Sunday morning)

In this 1952 OS map, numbers 250 and 252 are south of 248 on the west side of London Road, opposite the Buck’s Head pub.

1952 OS map

This clip of Mitcham ‘High Street’ as was called then, is from around 1900, and shows the left the old Kings Arms pub. Numbers 250 and 252 are to the left of the Oil Colour Stores’ that has ‘No. 8’ between the windows on the first floor.

c. 1900 clip from Merton Memories photo 51472, copyright London Borough of Merton

From the 1891 directory (the shops were numbered from 1 going north):

1, Henry COLLBRAN, butcher
2, S.E. BURTON, stationer
3, Charles GOULD, The Kings’ Arms Public House
4, Mrs H. LACK, draper
5, John CUMMINGS, greengrocer
6, Joseph COOK, butcher
7, T.P. SHEPPARD, grocer
8, William BARTER, grocer
9, George Joseph DALE, news agent

— here is Sibthorpe Road

10, James MOULAND, Pawnbroker
11, William Henry JENNER, ironmonger
12, Charles MACRO, hair dresser
13, C. SAUNDERS & Co., grocers
14, William COURT, baker
15, MOULAND & BENNETT, Watchmakers

Hence numbers 6 and 7 High Street are now 252 and 250 London Road.

A photo from 1895 shows it looking north.

1895 clip from Merton Memories photo 51748, copyright London Borough of Merton

The 1925 street directory still referred to the High Street. In 1926/7 London Road was renumbered.

Charles A. HUDSON, Kings Arms hotel
2 & 4, H. LACK, draper
5, John CUMMINGS, fruiterer
6, G. DUTRIEZ, butcher
7, W.H. FIELD & Son, wine merchant
8, E. & A.M., grocers
9, A.E. DALE, news agent

— here is Sibthorpe Road

10 & 11, W.J. HYDE, pawnbroker
12, H. MACRO, hair dresser
13, Miss H.M. HICKS, milliner
14, M. HICKS & Sons, bakers
15, G.H. HUDSON, watch maker

Number 6, now 252, was a butchers shop in 1891. In 1939 it was occupied by A. SPICER, as shown in this ad:

1939 ad

In the 1954 phone directory, it was occupied by HEARN & Sons, Family Butchers.

Number 7, now 250, was a wine merchants as shown in the 1925 directory. In the 1930 commercial directory it was occupied by Horace Albert Paine.

234 to 240 London Road

On the west side of London Road, a three storey building that replaced a row of shops that had formed part of the old High Street. Possibly built around 1969.

Clip from Merton Memories photo 27990, copyright London Borough of Merton

1952 OS map

This clip from a Merton Memories photo was taken in 1961, and shows the board announcing that numbers 234 to 240 are to be replaced by a new building.

Clip from Merton Memories photo 51738, copyright London Borough of Merton.

If you click on this clip to see the full photo on the Merton Memories website, you can see the businesses (from left to right) as:

240, C.F. HARDY, hairdressers
238, MONARCH, dyers and cleaners

Numbers 12, 13, 14 and 15 were renumbered, (in 1926/7), to 240, 238, 236 and 234.

Occupants from street directories:
12, Charles MACRO, hair dresser
13, C. SAUNDERS & Co., grocers
14, William COURT, baker
15, MOULAND & BENNETT, Watchmakers

12, H. MACRO, hair dresser
13, Miss H.M. HICKS, milliner
14, M. HICKS & Sons, bakers
15, G.H. HUDSON, watch maker

240, William J. KEMP, hair dresser
238, Miss Hilda Mary HICKS, milliner
236, M. HICKS & Sons, confectioners
234, Mrs. George Henry HUDSON, watch maker



234, Home Radio (Components) Ltd., Mail Order of Elec Cmpnts, tel 01-648 8422

Mouland, Watchmaker

James Mouland, watch maker, was listed in ‘Upper Mitcham Green’ in the 1855 trade directory.

This clip from Merton Memories shows part of the name ‘Mouland’ on the side of a shop in what was called the High Street.

Clip from Merton Memories. Copyright London Borough of Merton.

Clip from Merton Memories. Copyright London Borough of Merton.

In 1886, G. Walton Mouland, of 19 High Street, Mitcham, acted as auctioneers for a property in Chilton Place.

Listed in the 1902 commercial directory at 15 London Road, Upper Mitcham, was Mouland & Bennett, watchmakers.

News Articles

1891 : summonsed for keeping an unlicensed cart

1891 Private Residents

Adams Mrs., Church street, Lower Mitcham
Addington Paul, Boston villa, Cavendish road
Anwood Thomas George, Riversdale, Devonshire road
Asprey Mrs., Park road
Atherton Charles Samuel, Lyveden road

Bagley Mrs., Lower green
Baker Robert Benjamin, 5 Arnold road
Baker William, The Ferns, Cavendish road
Baker William, 11 Graham road
Bamford Henry William, Homeleigh, Graham road
Baptiste Joseph, 1 Miller’s mead, Singlegate, Merton road
Barnham Walter Marten, Carlingford house, Park road
Barringer James, Blagdon, Merton road
Barrington Mrs., 4 Park villas, Park road
Bartley Miss, Lower green, Mitcham
Barwick William Sampson, Arundel villa, High street, Upper Mitcham
Batt John, Woodside villa, Devonshire road
Beckett John, 3 Arnold road
Bedford Allison Okey, 2 Cavendish villas, Cavendish road
Beeman Miss, Whitford lane
Berry Other Windsor, 7 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Bidder George Parker, Ravensbury park
Biggs Miss, 13 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Billinghurst William, Woodlnds, Common side
Birch Richard, 5 Park villas, Park road
Blackstone Henry, High street, Lower Mitcham
Blake John, 2 Havelock villas, Park road
Boobbyer Joseph H., Baron house, Lower Mitcham
Bourne John, Railway cottage, Lower Mitcham
Bousfield Frederick, Arnold road
Boxall William, Llawnt ho., Devonshire road
Boyd William, The Ferns, Cavendish road
Brown William Peter, Woodside Park road
Bullock Mrs., St. Margaret’s, Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Bullock William, The Chestnuts, Upper Mitcham
Bumpas Edward, Tooting hall
Burnham Percy, 10 Lyveden road
Burridge William Charles, Millbrook villa, Marlboro’ road
Bush Richard, Holmdale, Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Butler Charles, Lowmoor, Lyveden road
Butler Henry William, Phipps bridge

Caldicot Henry S., The Cottage,Graham road
Campbell William Innes, Cavendish house, Bond’s lane, Upper Mitcham
Cary Samuel John, 1 Arnold road
Catchside Charles Ernest, Grimsby villa, Cavendish road
Chandler Walter Henry, Graham avenue
Charlton Mrs., Cranmers, Lower Mitcham
Chart Mrs., Clarendon villa, Upper Mitcham
Chart Robert Masters, The Limes, Lower Mitcham
Clarke James Ferrier, Baron lodge, Lower Mitcham
Clarke Peter Harrison, Ravensbury villas, Morden lane
Claxton George, Heatherhurst
Cobb Hewett, Manor house, Park road
Cobbett Alfred, Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Coles John Saanich, Mitcham common
Collbran Francis Albert, 6 Sandown villas, Grove road
Collingwood James, Arnold road
Conquest William, Lower green
Cooper William, Berkeley cottage, Lower Mitcham
Cope Mrs., 3 Lyveden road
Copland William, Abbotsford, Devonshire road
Coton Thomas Henry, The Laurels, Harewood road
Cove Arthur James, 2 Carisbrook villas
Cove Charles Ernest, 1 Devonshire villas, Devonshire road
Cox Gordon, Brookfield
Croft John James, High Clere villa, Marlborough road
Cuckow Mrs., Blankenburg, Graham road

da Costa Louis A., 1 Cranmer villas, Lower green
Daily James, Lime villa, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Darby Frederick James, Sherwood lodge, Common side
Dempsey Mrs., Lower green
Drake Geo., Eager villa, Robinson road
Drewett James D., Vine cottage
Drowler Mrs., Merton road
Duncan Matthew, Ryde cottage, Church street
Dungate Charles, Rosebank, Park road
Dutriez Louis, The Willows, Mitcham com

East Mrs., 2 Sandown villas, Grove road
Ellis Charles, The Myrtles, Devonshire road
Ellis Mrs., Inglemere, Upper Mitcham
Elmer John, Douglas cottage, Upper Mitcham
Ewer The Misses, Grove cottage, Common side

Field Ambledon, Cedars
Field Hamilton Kearns, Jesmond, Common side
Flintoff Miss, Lower Mitcham
Forshell Edwin, 1 Castalia villas, Cavendish road
Foucard Emile, Lavell house, Devonshire road
Fowles Francis John, 2 Castalia villas, Cavendish road
Fry Mrs., Lower green

Gage George Henry, Ivy lodge, Morden lane
Gasworthy John, Brentnor villa, Marlborough road
Gedge Mrs., Cedars
Gibbs Mrs., 1 Phoenix villas, Devonshire road
Glaisher William, La Villette, Devonshire road
Golding William, 12 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Gooden Charles, Park road, Merton road
Goodman George, 2 Gladstone cottages, Church street
Goodwin George, 2 Park villas, Park road
Goodwin William, Tamworth park, Upper Mitcham
Gosling George, 3 Harewood road
Green Frederick Valentine, Harewood road

Hall Mrs., 2 Cranmer villas, Lower green
Hallward Charles Amelia cottage, Lower green
Harbour William, 6 Park villas, Park road
Harding Capt. William Francis, Golab Ghur, Wilton road
Harland Robert, Homefield, Phipps bridge
Harmer Horace, Holly cottage, Common side
Harris William John, Gorringe park
Harrison George John, 2 Queen’s road, Upper Mitcham
Harvey George, 5 Lyveden road
Harvey William, Branksome, Wilton road
Harvey Mrs., 2 Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Harwood Athol, Primrose cottage, Whitford lane
Harwood William Russell, Glebe lands
Hatfield G., Morden hall, Morden road
Herbert Jas., Rose cottage, Common side east
Hobbs Richard. Wooton cottage, Lower green
Hodges Henry, Garthmeilio, Whitford lane
Hooker Frederick, Church street
Hurrell Henry Edward, Cavendish road
Hutchings Elisha, Shamrock, Graham road

Ibbotson Harold, The Laurels, Park road
Iles Charles, Glengarry, Lyveden road
Inwood Thomas George, Ravensdale, Devonshire road
Irvin William Charles, Choonarah, Wilton road

Jackson Rev. Sidney, [chaplain to Holborn union workhouse, Mitcham], Upper Mitcham
Jarrett John, Church street, Lower Mitcham
Jeckells Augustus, 7 Lyveden road
Johnson William, The Birches, Lower green, Mitcham
Johnson Wm., 5 Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Jones Miss, 10 Arnold road
Josling Zaceheus, 2 Devonshire villas, Devonshire road

Keath William Hyde villa, Upper Mitcham
Kemshead William Bath, Avondale, Graham road
Kimber Henry, Levarda, Park road
Kincaid William, 2 Harewood villas, Harewood road
Knight Edmund, Manor house, Upper Mitcham
Knight Jasper, Glebe lands
Kohler Mrs., 9 Lyveden road

Lambert Stephen Elliott, Beaconsfield house, Devonshire road
Lambert Sydney, Devonshire road
Lancefield William, The Chestnuts, Upper Mitcham
Langford Mrs., 7 Harewood road
Latham Ernest, The Plateau, Upper Mitcham
Latham Joseph, Hawthorndene, Devonshire road
Lea Henry, 1 Park villas, Park road
Leftwich Alfred, The Hut, Common side
Legg Rev. Francis Stewart M.A., Christ Church vicarage, Merton lane
Leonard Samuel, Harewood road
Lewis John Owen, Manor house, Low.Mitcham
Little Edward Armstrong, 2 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Love Henry B.A. M.B., 3 Glebe villas, Whitford lane, Lower Mitcham
Lowe Rev. Charles M.A. [curate], 3 Cranmer villas

Maclachlan Archibald, Lower green
Mann Robert, New close, Phipps bridge
Marshall Edward, Church house, Church st
Martin William Verandah, cottage, Upper, Mitcham
Meagher William, Maisonette, Devonshire road
Merrell Henry John, 1 Cavendish villas, Cavendish road
Miles Lieut. A. Stafford, R.N., 2 Cawthorne villas, Wilton road
Mills Edward, The Lodge, Morden lane
Mitchell William Stair, Wandle grove, Lower Mitcham
Morgan David, The Laurels, Park road
Morgan George, Chelsea villa
Morgan Mrs, The Laurels, Park road
Morgan William, Homewood house, Church road
Morris Edward, Florence villas, Cavendish road
Morris Edward, 2 Springfield villas, Cavendish road
Mountier George, Cromer lodge, Devonshire road

Nichols William James, The Poplars, Merton lane
Nickalls William Arthur, The Cottage, Phipps bridge
Nobes Jerman, Wandle house, Phipps bridge
Nolan George, 2 Lyveden road

Owen Robert Joseph, Hinton villa, Harewood road

Packer Edward Arthur, Wilton villas, Wilton road
Page Octavius, Sunny side, Cavendish road
Pain Dennis, 4 Cranmer villas, Lower Mitcham
Palmer George, Church street
Palmer Mrs., 5 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Parker Angus Thomas, Beechwood, Marlborough road
Parker Charles William, 2 Tyrrells pass villas, Devonshire road
Parsons Thomas, 6 Baron grove, Lower Mitcham
Pearce John, 2 Harewood villas, Harewood road
Pellatt Sidney, LaViletta, Devonshire road
Pellinger Thomas, Church street
Penney Alfred Hall, Lyncote, Park road
Pickett Albert, Morden lodge
Pitt George, Berkeley house, Lower Mitcham
Poulton John, 1 Havelock villas, Park road
Powell Edward, Benedict villa, Benedict road
Powys Arthur Edward, Swiss cottage, Devonshire road
Pratt Mrs., 2 Phoenix villas, Devonshire road
Prior Miss, 3 Harewood villas, Harewood road
Priver Tom, 3 Sandown villas, Grove road
Pugh Isaac, The Ferns, Devonshire road

Read George, 7 Sandown villas, Grove road
Reading Samuel William, 6 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Revill Rev. Thomas [Catholic], Maori cottage, Upper green
Rhoades Miss, Church street
Richards John, 6 Baron row, Lower Mitcham
Richardson Henry, Ivy cottage, Lower green
Richens John, Newton ho. Common side
Richman Rev. Robert [Congregational], Douglas house, Upper Mitcham
Ridgeway Mrs., Elm court, Lower green
Roberts Charles, Merton lane
Robinson Christopher, The Lawn, Mitcham common
Rockbeare Samuel John, Robinson road
Rowbury William, 10 Queen’s road
Russell George Norman house, Lower Mitcham

Sandell Frdk. D., Thelvies, Devonshire road
Satchell Edwd. Cedar villa, Mitcham common
Sayers Charles, Morden lane
Sehomburg Theodore Geo. 3 Arnold road
Seaton Arthur William, Lyveden road
Seaton Rev. Octavius Herbert B.A., Devonshire road
Seily George, High street
Shackell Rd. W. Elmhurst, Tamworth park
Shelswell Oscar Berridge, 8 Glebe villas, Whitford lane
Shepherd Frederick Griffin, 1 Sandown villas, Grove road
Shepherd William, 7 York place
Smith John, 4 Grove road
Smith Mrs., Levarda, Park road
Smith William Ph.D., Mitcham college, Upper Mitcham
Sperling Frdk., Springfield, Cavendish road
Sutter John, 5 Sandown villas, Grove road
Syms Mrs., Upper green

Talbot Sl. Jeffrey, Ingledene, Wilton road
Talbot Walter Henry, Brackenhurst, Wilton road
Taylor David, 1 Clare villas, Singlegate, Merton road
Taylor Henry Claremont house, Cavendish road
Taylor Henry Helensburgh, Devonshire road
Taylor Henry Uppingham village, Merton road
Thomas Angus, Beechwood, Park road
Thomas Walter, Meadow Croft, Whitford lane
Thomson William Wright, Tamworth house, Common side
Thunder Fras., The Beeches, Lower Mitcham
Tocock James, Church road
Trowell Mrs., 1 Devonshire villas, Devonshire road
Tudhope Mrs., Hall villa, Lower Mitcham
Turner Mrs., 4 Arnold road
Tutty John, 4 Church road

Upton Mrs., The Canons

Varley John James, Haslemere, Cavendish road
Varnham George, Floral cottage, Merton la
Vickers James Muschamp, Mitcham grove
Vine William Thomas, Church street
Vuran John William Harold, Tamworth lodge

Wade Mrs., Lower green
Walker Alfred, Collierswood house, Merton road
Walsh John, Cedar cottage, Upper Mitcham
Ward Edward, Rosenheim, Devonshire road
Ware William Charles, Woodlands, Devonshire road
Watney John, South lodge, Mitcham common
Watson Joseph, Mill house Common side
Watts John Henry, Holicot, Harewood road
Webber Joseph, Highclere villa, Marlbro’ road
Wells Samuel, Claremont,Church street
Westacott Sydney, Woodbine cottage, Singlegate, Merton road
Wheeler Robert Percy, 4 Hare wood villas, Harewood road
White Henry, Deane’s cottage, Mitcham com
White Levi, 9 Queen’s road road
White Miss, 8 Lyveden road
White Mrs., Bramber villa, Cavendish road
Whitfield Mrs. Hazledene,Devonshire road
Whiting George, 2 Ravensbury villas, Morden lane
Wiggins John, 2 Morden lane
Wilkinson Robert, 3 Denton villas
Williams Mrs. Jackson, The Limes, Whitford lane