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Mitcham Tyre Mart

Tyres etc. service since 1934.

Listed as 408 London Road in the 1952 Chamber of Commerce, the 1971 telephone directory and shown in this ad from 1963:

ad from Mitcham and District Advertiser, 3rd January, 1963.

Proprietor A. PAYNE

According to the MGM Services website:

When the owners retired around 2013 the premises of Mitcham Tyre Mart at 339 London Road, CR4 4BE, were taken over by MGM.

Screenshot of MGM Services website, dated 2013, in case it is taken down.

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Manor House

Demolished in 1963, it was on the east side of the London Road, north of Baron Grove. Eric Montague in Mitcham Histories: 4 Lower Mitcham wrote: “Its exterior was predominantly ‘Georgian’ in style … commonly believed to be nearly 300 years old when demolished …”.

clip from Merton Memories, copyright Dorrett & Co., image reference Mit_Buildings_24-3

1953 OS map

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Allen Bros (Mitcham), Ltd.

360/364 London Road

Car sales and repair business that was the on west side of London Road, south of the White Hart pub and on the north side of the corner with Broadway Gardens.

Being a Austin Rover dealer they did a repair on my Rover 3.5 in 1984:

13th November 1984 invoice for repairs to a Rover 3.5

89th February 1985 receipt

The garage also rented cars:

part of rental agreement dated 17th May 1985

Clip from Merton Memories photo, copyright London Borough of Merton.

The site was used by KwikFit for a number of years, as seen in this 2008 Google StreetView:

These aerial views are from Bing:



The site was bought by a property developer who wanted to build a block of flats. With the KwikFit signage removed, parts of the original words used by Allen Bros could be seen.

September 2014

September 2014

September 2014. Allen Bros (Mitcham) can just be seen revealed after KwikFit signage was removed.

September 2014. Allen Bros (Mitcham) can just be seen revealed after KwikFit signage was removed.

Demolition began in early December 2016.

13th December 2016

13th December 2016

Photo taken on 2nd January 2017

Photo taken on 2nd January 2017

From 1953 Who’s Who in the Motor Industry digitised by Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History:

Car and Light Commercial Vehicle Stockists.
360, London Road, Mitcham, Surrey.
Telephone: 0867.

M.D. Allen.
Lt. Col. F.E. Manning O.B.E.
P.L. Smith.
H.F. Priest.

Merton Memories Photos
Mr. F.E.Manning, with his son in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in 1957
Vintage car outside Allen Bros. Garage

Advertised as the Broadway Garage in 1937:

1937 ad

1937 ad

1961 advert from Norwood News, via the British Newspaper Archive

1963 List of Factories (U to Y)

Factories, garages, works, etc., as listed in 1963. Names of businesses listed by first letter, from U to Y.

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