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Domesday Book


6 The Canons of Bayeux hold MITCHAM from the Bishop for 5 hides.
Brictric held it from King Edward. He had 6 1/2 hides himself, but Odbert holds one, which his predecessor held in pledge from Brictric for 1/2 gold mark.

On the Canons’ land
4 villagers and l cottager with 2 ploughs and 1 slave.
Meadow, 40 acres. Land for 2 ploughs. The value was and is 40s.
On Odbert’s land, meadow, 4 acres. Value 7s; nothing more.

Ansgot holds 1/2 hide from the Bishop. Value 5s.
In this manor the Canons hold 2 1/2 hides themselves from the Bishop, which 2 men held from King Edward. In lordship 1 plough, with I villager, 2 smallholders and 1 slave, and 1/2 plough.
Meadow, 12 acres.
(Value) always 20s.

7 The Canons hold WHITFORD themselves from the Bishop. Edmer held it from King Edward. Then and now it answered for 3 hides.
Land for 2 ploughs. In lordship 1 plough;
2 villagers, 6 cottagers with 2 ploughs.
Meadow, 4 acres.
Value before 1066 and now 30s; when acquired 10s.


Surrey was divided into areas called Hundreds.
A hide was reckoned to be 120 acres.