There are various websites of historical photos that include Mitcham. They are summarised below in alphabetical order.

Aerial photographs put online by English Heritage and others.

For Mitcham, there are 96 birds-eye photos, that is, taken at an angle. In addition there are numerous straight down views taken by the RAF.

The London Metropolitan Archive’s collection of photos has around 200 photos of Mitcham. A search for ‘Mitcham’ will also return road names that include it, such as Mitcham Road, Tooting.

Eric Montague Collection
The late Eric Montague’s slides, that were used in his Mitcham Histories books, were taken during the 1960s and 70s, and have been donated to the Merton Historical Society. The Society has revamped their website which includes his collection.

The photos are grouped by the Mitcham Histories book volume:

  1. The Cricket Green
  2. North Mitcham
  3. Pollards Hill, Commonside East and Lonesome
  4. Lower Mitcham
  5. Lower Green West
  6. Mitcham Bridge, The Watermeads and the Wandle Mills
  7. The Upper or Fair Green, Mitcham
  8. Phipps Bridge
  9. Colliers Wood or ‘Merton Singlegate’
  10. Ravensbury
  11. The Cranmers, The Canons and Park Place
  12. Church Street and Whitford Lane
  13. Willow Lane and Beddington Corner
  14. Upper Mitcham and Western Road

Francis Frith Collection

There are 33 photos of Mitcham in this collection. They can be embedded on non-commercial websites, but as this uses javascript, it can’t be included on Mitcham History Notes.

Getty Images

A number of photos, as well as drawings, are in the Getty collection. Note though that a search for ‘Mitcham’ will also return photos of people with that name. Images can be embedded in a blog, and since a change to the url in that code, some of those that have been included on this blog might not be shown. These will be corrected in due course.

Merton Memories
Heritage Lottery Funded project undertaken by the Local Studies Centre at Morden Library, run by Sarah Gould. An advanced search can be made by area, and for Mitcham, there are over 4,000 photos.


Lets you search for photos on eBay. This can be used to summarise all the Mitcham postcards being offered on the auction website.