Bath Tavern

This Movietone video of the Explosion in 1933 shows part of the pub (from 1 minute 18 seconds).

Above the door on the corner can be seen, at 1 minute 25 seconds, ‘BOTTLED BEERS’. This is not the text on this photo from the Charrington archives, posted onto HistoryPin which says that the photo is from 1940. The licensee name above the door is E. L. Sanders which would be Edwin Lewis Sanders, who is shown on electoral registers for 1925 to 1927 with Rosina. In 1939, Edwin Lewis is not shown and there is Rosina Mary SEARLE.

In the 1933 Official Report on the Explosion, the licensed victualler is Mrs. R. Searle, with the landlords as Page and Overton, Shirley Brewery, Croydon.

from street directories, census, electoral registers and news articles

Year Licensees
1879 Parkes HOPE
1889 Joseph GILBERT
1889 Frederick SNOOKS
1898 Alex Edward GREEN
1898 A.E. GREEN
1902 Alex. Edwin GREEN
1911 Alexander Edwin GREEN
1915 Alexander Edwin GREEN
1918 Alfred REED
1919 Alfred and Janie REED
1920 Alfred and Janie REED
1921 Alfred and Janie REED
1922 Alfred and Janie REED
1923 Alfred and Janie REED
1924 Alfred and Janie REED
1925 Edwin Lewis and Rosina SANDERS
1926 Edwin Lewis and Rosina SANDERS
1927 Rosina SANDERS
1928 Rosina Mary SEARLE
1929 Rosina Mary SEARLE
1930 Rosina Mary SEARLE
1935 Rosina Mary SEARLE
1937 Rosina Mary SEARLE
1939 Rosina Mary SEARLE

From news items
1879 : Parkes HOPE

Edwin Lewis Sanders’s probate record shows he died 17th June 1926. Note that ‘Bell’ instead of ‘Bath’ is shown.

SANDERS Edwin Lewis of The Bell Tavern 3 Belgrave-road Mitcham Surrey died 17 June 1926 Probate London 30 July to Rosina Mary Searle widow. Effects £465 3s. 1d.


Mid-1950s – Charlie MONK – from biography Tanky Challenor – SAS and the Met.

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