Cricketers’ Photos

Photos of cricketers were rescued from the Cricketers pub in 2010 after it closed. These were then donated by Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage to Merton Memories.

T. E. Bailey
T. Barling
Ken Barrington
Alec V. Bedser
W. E. Bowes
Don G. Bradman
D. Brookes
F. R. Brown
S. M. Brown
Brian Close
Les Compton
G. Duckworth
E. A. Bedser
William J. Edrich
A. E. Fagg
P. H. Fender
David G. Fletcher
H. Gimblet
G. E. Gomez
T. W. Graveney
Joseph Hardstaff
G. A. Headley
Jack B. Hobbs
E.R.T. Holmes
D. R. Jardine
John Langridge
Len Hutton
M. Leyland
P. J. Loader
C. G. Macartney
Robin Geoffrey Marlar
P. B. H. May
A. J. McIntyre
A. D. Nourse
W. A. Oldfield
W. J. O’Reilly
W. Place
A. Sandham
J. B. Stollmeyer
H. Strudwick
R. Subba Row
W. S. Surridge
E. R. H. Toshack
F. S. Trueman
H. Verity
W. Voce
W. Watson
E. D. Weekes
W. Wooller
F. M. Worrell
D. V. P. Wright
N. W. D. Yardley
J. A. Young

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