407 London Road, next to former Mitcham station building.

Landlords from street directories
1866 : John ALLEN
1874 : John ALLEN
1880 : Alfred FAIRHALL
1891 : Richard ARTHUR
1898 : Richard ARTHUR
1902 : Richard ARTHUR
1911 : Edward Cecil MOORE
1915 : William Henry RUSSELL
1918 : William Henry RUSSELL
1925 : Arthur A. BEARD
1930 : Mrs. Margaret A. WITHERICK
1938 : William Arthur McSWEENEY

Owners from electoral registers
1869 : John ALLEN
1890 : Charles and James ATTLEE, joint owners

From the minutes of the Mitcham Urban District Council
Highways, New Streets and Buildings, and Lighting Committee
Tuesday, 8th March, 1927
Page 720

Plans submitted for approval

No. 963
Applicant: Style & winch, Battersea
Nature and Situation:

Rebuilding of “The Crown”, London Road

Conditions governing approval:
Subject to proper means of ventilation in rooms without fireplaces.

Occupants from Electoral Registers


News Articles
The newspaper articles below are via the British Newspaper Archive

Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser – Saturday 22 October 1910


A case which occupied the Croydon County Bench a considerable time on Saturday was that in which William Henry Davis, of the Crown public-house, London-road, Mitcham, was summoned for selling intixocants during prohibited hours on September 24, and George Siviour, 2, John’s-place, Church-road, Mitcham, and Thomas Wise, 9, The Parade, Mitcham, were summoned for being on the premises.

Mr. Barker prosecuted for the Commissioner of Police, and said the two men mentioned called there after closing time at night, and were served with beer. On their being asked to give an account of their movements, they made an excuse which broke down, and finally admitted the offence.—lnspector Richards said he saw Wise and Siviour leaving Mitcham Station and going towards the “Crown.” They stopped outside, and one said, ” There’s no one about ; the coast is clear.” They then tapped on the door, and when someone said “Who is it ?” one replied, “It’s Tom ; my friend and I are dry. Can we have drinks ? There is no one about ?” They were admitted, and were seen by witness to go into an inner room. The barman drew two glasses of beer and took it in, and came out and put some bronze coins behind the counter. This act was repeated.

About 11.40 p.m.—that was twenty minutes afterwards—the men came out. P.c. 834 W then came along and went with him to the two men at the railway station. He asked Wise what was the nature of his business at the “Crown,” and he replied, “I went to deliver a parcel, and Siviour had a parcel also. The parcels book was shown in proof of this, but the last entry was the day before, and signed “Bird.” On the discrepancy being pointed out, Wise said, “Don’t harm me if you can help it. I will tell you the truth. My friend was dry, and asked where he could get a drink, and I told him I thought I could manage one round the corner.” They then went to the Crown, and Mrs. Davis told the Inspector her husband was away.

Dr. Newnham, who appeared for the licensee, said no money was paid, and the facts were that Mr. Davis had asked Wise to go over when the house was closed and see that all was right. His wife did give the latter a drink, but that was not an offence.

As the landlord was away Mr. Barker consented that the summons against him should be withdrawn. The case again Wise and Siviour was then proceeded with, and they were fined 10s. and 10s. 6d. costs each.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Urban District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.