1905 Annual Licensing Meeting

Form the Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette – Saturday 04 March 1905


Mr. George Elliott applied for the license of the “Lord Napier ,” Mitcham, to be renewed. Mr. Stayner gave formal evidence as in the last case, and said the population of Mitcham was 18,355. There were 21 full licenses, 18 on-beer licenses, and 11 off licenses. The Justices had visited the “Buck’s Head,” ‘Three Kings,” “King’s Arms,” “Nag’s Head,” and “The Fountain.” Replying to Mr. Elliott, the witness said that no notice of objection had been served on the other houses. Ex-Inspector Weyman gave evidence as to distances. From the “Three Kings” to the “Lord Napier” was 380 yards; from the “Lord Napier” to the “King’s Arms,” 34 yards; “Lord Napier” to “Buck’s Head,” 40 yards: “Lord Napier” to “Nag’s Head.” 116 yards; and “Lord Napier” to the “Fountain,” 276 yards. Mr. Elliott reiterated the objection be raised with regard to the “Cricketers.”


Mr. Elliott made an application for the renewal of this license. Mr. Stayner gave formal evidence, and made the same replies to questions asked by Mr. Elliott. Inspector Weyman said from the “Ship” to the “Gardener’s Arms” was 51 yards, and from the “Ship” to the “Swan” 77 yards. Mr. Elliott made the usual objection. The Bench then retired. After an absence 10 minutes they returned, and the Chairman announced that they had decided to submit the four licenses to the Quarter Sessions in the following order:- €””The Lord Napier,” “The Ship,” “The Cricketers,” and the “Queen’s Head.” In the meantime the licenses would be provisionally renewed.


Permission was given to rebuild the “Ravensbury Arms,” Mitcham common.