Prince of Wales

Pub that was at 336 Western Road SW19. Telephone number in 1971 was 01-648 2030.

It was rebuilt in 1913/4 by the brewery Watney, Coombe, Reid & co., according to a planning application no. 6422 approved on 23rd October 1913.

Closed as a pub in 2003, and demolished in 2014.


1865 OS map

1865 OS map

1894 OS map

1894 OS map

Merton Memories Photos

From the Tithe Apportionment Map of 1846, the occupier of the land owned James Moore was Henry Hendon. The land measured 1 rood and 24 square perches.

Landlords from directories
1851 : James Fletcher STARKEY
1855 : Thomas CROWCHER
1867 : Thomas Frederick FIELD
1879 : William MEARS : from newspaper1
1891 : William MEARS, junior
1896 : William MEARS junior
1911 : Mrs. Anne MEARS
1915 : Richard George FREESTONE
1930 : Arthur Edward CRISP

News Articles
1: In 1879 William MEARS was mentioned as landlord in the Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette of 26th May that year:

George Wilson, labourer, of Mitcham, was charged with wilfully damaging woodwork; also with resisting the police; and further, with being drunk.

Defendant pleaded guilty to the first two charges.

Wm. Mears, landlord of the “Prince of Wales,” Mitcham, was called to prove that the prisoner committed the damage in his house, in consequence of his refusal to serve him with drink, on Friday morning, just before eight o’clock. He threatened to throw a pot through the g;ass door, but contented himself with kicking the panel of the counter, doing damage to the extent of 7s. 6d.

Ordered to pay the damage done, 7s. 6d.; a fine of 5s.; costs 7s.; in default of payment by four oclock, to be sent to prison for 14 days with hard labour.

1903 Licensed Victuallers Report

Prince of Wales, Western Road

Fully Licensed
Licensed before 1869
Poor Rate Assessment £60

Owner :
Watney & Co., Stag Brewery,
Pimlico S.W.

Licensee :
Annie Mears, resided on premises

Tied for beer to owner

Offered bread and cheese, stabling for 1 horse and
a urinal and w.c.

Served ordinary class trade.

From the Military Service Tribunals:

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 13th April, 1917, page 1.

Mitcham Tribunal

Mr R.G. Freestone, a licensed victualler, aged 40, sought exemption on financial and domestic grounds. He had large premises, “The Prince of Wales Inn,” and he was the only man on them.

The Chairman : Have you been examined? – No, I have had no time.
The Chairman : But you are closed some part of the day? – Yes, but I have such a lot of work to do.

Appellant added that his wife was deaf.

The claim was disallowed, with a month’s notice.

Mitcham & Tooting Mercury, 27th April, 1917

Surrey Appeal Tribunal

Mr R.G. Freestone (39), a licensed victualler at Merton, represented the difficulty of his position and the hardship involved in his being called up. His capital was invested in the business. Appeal dismissed.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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