Abbey Terrace

1895 OS Map

1895 OS Map

In the 1911 street directory, as described from north to south:

… Here is Bridge Road


Henden & Co. drapers (Bridge house)

1A, Henry Bryant, confectioner
1, Albert Edward Frost, dairy
2, David Stopher, butcher
3, A.W. Hanes, fried fish shop
4, Robert Peeling, grocer
5, David J, Hargood, confectioner
6, George Lawrence, carman
6, David J, Hargood, hairdresser

James Tutty (School house)
Mitcham School (infants)

… here is Prince’s Road

The 1930 commercial directory still refers to houses numbered 1 to 6 in Abbey Terrace, Christchurch Road, so they haven’t been renumbered to this point.

William Jones, greengrocer, 1 Abbey terrace
David Adlington, sheet metal worker, 3 Abbey terrace
Charles F. Corner, grocer, 4 Abbey terrace
David James Hargood, newsagent, 5 Abbey terrace
Wilfred Scarlett, hairdressr, 6 Abbey terrace

(the following aren’t numbered in the directory)
Charles Rockliffe, dining rooms, Abbey terrace
Miss Grace Thompson, ladies’ outfitter, Abbey terrace

The 1952 OS Map shows that the houses have been renumbered as part of Christchurch Road. Bridge House becomes 102 and 104, and 1 to 6 Abbey Terrace becomes 106 to 118.

1952 OS Map

1952 OS Map

The Tandem Shopping Centre now occupies this and where the Tandem Smelting works once were.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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