WW1 Industries

From 1915 Directory

Aspinall’s Enamel Ltd., varnish makers, Phipps Bridge Road
Associated Potteries Ltd., pottery manufacturers, Morden Road
Bigsby W.T. and Sons, varnish manufacturers, Morden Road
Blume Charles H., varnish manufacturer, Western Road
Bush W.J. & Co. Ltd., lavender & peppermint distillery, Batsworth Road
Butler Henry W., sack manufacturer, Palestine Grove
Camwal Ltd., mineral water manufacturers, Western Road
Deed John S. & Sons Ltd., leather manufacturers, Eagle Leather Works, Mitcham Common
Dendy Adolphus, carriage & motor car builder, London Road
Duroline Varnish Co. Ltd., varnish manufacturers, Batsworth Road
Ellis Albert H., printer, London Road
Farmiloe Thomas & William Ltd., varnish manufacturers, Batsworth Road
Forster & Gregory Ltd., chemical manufacturers, Lonesome
Gibbs Henry & Son, parchment manufacturers, Mitcham Junction
Griffiths Bros. & Co., varnish manufacturers, Priory works, Church Road
Hadfield George, japan & varnish manufacturer, Phipps Bridge
Hancock & Corfield, colour printers, Morden Road
Harland Wm. & Son, varnish makers, Phipps Bridge Road
Hart George & Son, cycle makers, Cranmer Road
Hepburn Gale & Ross Ltd., belting manufacturers, 243 Church Road
Hollis & Son, varnish manufacturers, Batsworth Road
Hoyle George Wm., varnish manufacturer, Western Road
Jenner Alfred & Charles, mechanical engineers, Common side east
Jenner William Henry, cycle maker, 5 Bucks Head Parade, London Road
Jernoid Ltd., show card makers, Western Road
Latham Joseph, varnish maker, Western Road
Lyxhayr Manufacturers Ltd., horse hair substitute manufacturers, Grove Mills, London Road
Mitcham Margarine Co. Ltd., margarine manufacturers, Tower’s works, Mitcham common
Morgan William and Sons, varnish makers, Western Road
Norman Smee & Dodwell, varnish manufacturers, Miles lane
Pain James & Sons, fireworks ships’ rockets, London Road
Palmer T.W. & Co., iron fence manufacturers, Church Road
Parson Thomas & Sons, varnish makers, 92 Church Road
Pascall James Ltd., chocolate manufacturers, Streatham Road
Tandem Smelting Syndicate Ltd., smelters, Christchurch Road
Typke & King chemical manufactory, Tamworth Lane, Mitcham Common
Wandsworth Wimbledon & Epsom District Gas Co., gas, Western Road
Woodite Co., india rubber & steam packing manufacturers, Mitcham Common

From 1918 directory
Az-Nu Engineering Co. Ltd., engineers, 261 Church Road

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