Fire Station

It was locally listed in December 1992 by Merton Council who notes:

This is a two storey detached building, which dates from 1927, and is in a simple classical style. The building materials used include red brick on the upper floor, and ashlar sandstone on the ground floor. The roof is of green slate. The main features of interest include the curved roof slope, the diamond window set within the front facing gable, and the inscribed lettering above the fire engine doorways. No subsequent alterations are evident.

Photo taken January 2015

Photo taken January 2015

Mitcham Urban District Council had to make amendments to the Mitcham UDC Act of 1923 to allow it to build the Fire Station.


Whereas the Urban District Council of Mitcham (hereinafter called the Council),
have made application to the Minister of Health for the issue of a Provisional Order
under Sections 297 and 303 of the Public Health Act, 1875, partially to repeal, alter
or amend the Mitcham Urban District Council Act, 1923, so as: —

(1) To authorise the Council to exchange part of the Lower Green situate between
the property known as ” The Cricketers Inn ” and the road called ” The Lower
Green West” and containing an area of 121 square yards or thereabouts, for a plot
of land being part of the garden of ” The Cricketers Inn ” and containing an area of
205 square yards or thereabouts;

(2) To authorise the Council to build additional offices and to erect a fire and
ambulance station on the land acquired by the exchange aforesaid and on a further
portion of the Lower Green situate behind and adjoining the Vestry Hall and ” The
Cricketers Inn ” and containing an area of 800 square yards or thereabouts;

(3) For the several purposes of the Application or for purposes connected with,
incidental to, or consequent on those purposes to make any such alteration or amendment
of the said Local Act or of any other Local Act or of any Act confirming a Provisional
Order made in pursuance of any of the Sanitary Acts or of the Public Health
Act, 1875, and in force in the Urban District of Mitcham as may be necessary or

And whereas it is proposed that a Provisional Order should be issued in compliance
with the said Application;

Notice is hereby given, that A. E. H. Goddard, Esq., one of the Inspectors of the Ministry of Health, will attend at the Vestry Hall, Mitcham, on Wednesday the fourteenth day of January, 1925, at half-past ten o’clock in the forenoon, to hold a Local Inquiry into the subject-matter of the said Application and the proposed Provisional Order.

And notice is hereby further given, that any person interested may attend at such Inquiry and be heard with reference to the said Application and the proposed Provisional Order; and that a plan showing the lands affected by the proposals is deposited at the Vestry Hall and may be inspected by any person interested during the hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Saturdays excepted).

I. G. Gibbon,
Assistant Secretary.
Ministry of Health,
Whitehall, S.W. 1.
31st December, 1924.

Source: The London Gazette
Publication date:2 January 1925