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Boscombe Road

Road between, and parallel to, Ascot and Cromer Road.

In this 1938 OS map, the north border of Mitcham can be seen along the River Graveney.

1938 OS map, courtesy of National Library of Scotland (re-use CC-BY)

From the 1910-1911 street directory:
Boscombe road, from Links road


1, Frank Andrews HOLLAND
2, Alfred NICHOLS
3, Frederick EDGSON
4, Charles John BUTLER
5, William MARSHALL
7, Charles James HANCOCK
8, Horace SPOONER
9, Thomas BLISS
10, Frederick KEMP
11, Sydney RICHTER
12, William AUSTIN
13, Robert JAQUES
14, Stanley NORTHCOTT
16, William KNOWLES
17, Ernest James WIGGINS
18, Charles Frederick WOOFENDEN
19, George Edward MARSHALL
20, Charles Cecil GRAMMER
22, Walter John SIMMONDS, insurance superintendent
23, Richard F. LAWSON
25, Mrs TURNER
27, John Thomas WILSON
28, Samuel HONEYBALL
29, Charles George TERRY


Westerham Villas:

1, Edgar Percy NICHOLSON
2, William GUNNETT
3, Charles KEYSELL
4, William AUSTIN
5, Frank TURNER
6, Harry BUNNING
7, Gilbert D. MOON
8, Harry JONES
10, Thomas GRIMSHAW
11, Stephen V. LOVEGROVE
12, Charles Ernest FOWLER

26, Albert W.J. FURSE
28 (Rosaville), William HENLEY
30, George RAMPTON
40, Otto KRISE
42, Douglas W. CLARK
44, William MUSK
46, Walter Frederick GARDENER
48, Alfred Henry BAILEY
50, W.H. Edwards
56, Thomas Henry YOUNG

Salvation Army Barracks

From the Wallington & Carshalton Herald – Saturday 01 October 1887

The Salvation Army.

— New barracks for the use of the Salvation Army were opened by “Col.” Nicol, on Saturday. Previous to the service, the “soldiers” paraded the village with music and banners. A large number was present at the service, including contingents from Wimbhdon, Sutton, etc. On Sunday the opening services were continued and the army again marched in procession through the streets. The new building is situated in Gladstone Road. which leads out of Merton Lane, and is in the midst of the houses of the poorer inhabitants of Mitchani. It is of neat elevation, brick built with stone facings, the porch being surmounted with a Maltese Cross. The outside measurement is about 50ft. by 20 ft. The hall is of neat appearance, having a spacious platform at the end. It is estimated to hold 250 persons. At the rear of the platform is a retiring room and the usual offices, also a kitchen containing a copper, etc. The hall is well lighted and the arrangements for ventilation are excellent. It has been built from plans by Mr. Olley, of Wimbledon. by Mr. J. Way, of the same town.