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Oakwood Terrace

Terrace of three houses south of the Swan and north of Smith’s Terrace, marked in red on this 1911 map.

From the 1915 street directory, going south on the west side of London Road:

The Swan inn, William POWELL
Adolphus DENDY, wheelwright, (The Oakwoods)

3 Arthur WELLS
2 Thomas Walter BOWHILL

News Items

From the Sunday Times – Sunday 11 September 1898


At the Croydon County Bench yesterday, James Thompson, of Oakwood Terrace, London Road, Mitcham, was summoned for selling milk adulterated with 12 per cent. of water.

Mr. John Martin, a Surrey County Council Inspector, stated that he stopped the defendant on Aug. 17 in London Road, Mitcham, and bought a pint of milk. This was divided, and a portion of it was analysed by Dr. Stevenson, who certified it to contain 12 per cent of added water, with a trace of boracic acid.

Defendant’s explanation was that he had run short of milk, and had borrowed twelve gallons from another dealer in whom he had such confidence that he thought he was acting quite safely.

The Bench took into consideration the Inspector’s report that he had previously found defendant’s milk genuine, and ordered him to pay 5s. costs.

World War 1 Connections

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

A HOOKINGS of 1 Oakwood Terrace London Road, aged 41 Years, Printer. Conscripted on 28 December 1916 to the Army Service Corps (k Coy).

F MONK of 1 Oakwood Terrace London Road Mitcham, aged 23 Years, Mantle Cutter. Conscripted on 11 June 1917 to the 84th Training Reserve Batn.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

In 1914 Saxon relics were found near Mitcham Station

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 12 April 1914 to March 1915
Page 28


The Clerk reported the receipt of the following letter from the General Manager of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.


                             General Manager's Office
                                     London Bridge Station, S.E.,
                                            26th May, 1914.

Dear Sir,

I enclose herewith two bronze tin-plated brooches, a bronze pin and iron knife supposed surrounded by a wooden sheath, which were recently discovered during excavations on this Company’s property near Mitcham Station, together with a photograph of same, and as the articles are no doubt of antiquarian interest, I am authorised by my Directors to forward them to you to be placed in the Vestry Hall at Mitcham, where I understand other similar relics found in the neighbourhood are on view.

I also enclose photographs of three skeletons which were unearthed at the same place recently.

I shall be obliged if you will kindly acknowledge receipt.

                         Yours faithfully, 
                                 WILLIAM FORBES.

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 12 April 1914 to March 1915
Page 102

The following letter was read from the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Co.


                             General Manager's Office
                                     London Bridge Station, S.E.,
                                            23rd October, 1914.

Dear Sir,

With reference to my letter of the 26th May last, and your reply of the 27th idem, another ornament has been found in excavating gravel near Mitcham Station. Captain Bidder informs me that it is a gold-plated bronze brooch, a beautiful piece of work and important, as its design (purely geometrical without any trace of “animal” motive) points to a very early Saxon period, probably the sixth or seventh century.

I am authorised by my Directors to forward this brooch to you to be placed in the Vestry Hall at Mitcham with the other similar relics found in the neighbourhood.

I also have the pleasure of inclosing a photograph of the brooch.

     Kindly acknowledge receipt.
                         Yours faithfully, 
                                 WILLIAM FORBES.

These finds were near the Anglo Saxon cemetery that was discovered in the Morden Road area, which were excavated over a period from 1888 to 1922. This is Monument No. 400549 on Historic England’s PastView website.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Parish Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

T. and W. Farmiloe Ltd

In 1963 List of Factories, listed as

T. & W. Farmiloe Ltd.
Batsworth Road

Listed in 1915 Directory as
Thomas and William Familoe
varnish manufacturers, Batsworth Road

From Grace’s Guide – 1914 Who’s Who in Business

FARMILOE, T. & W., Ltd., Lead, White Lead, Paint, Colour and Varnish Manufacturers, Brassfounders and Sanitary Engineers, Glass Merchants and Manufacturers, Rochester Row, Westminster, London, S.W.; Nine Elms Lane; and Mitcham Varnish Works, Mitcham.
Hours. of Business: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Established about a century ago by Mr. Meakin, continued as Meakin and Farmiloe.
Incorporated as a Limited Company.
Directors: John Farmiloe (Governing Director), James Farmiloe, George Arthur Farmiloe, Harold Farmiloe, and James Lewis Farmiloe.
Premises: Equipped with up-to-date appliances.
Staff: About 500.
Specialities: Sheet Lead, Lead and Compo Pipe; Glass of all kinds; ” Nine Elms ” Brand of pure Paint; Putty and Painters’ Goods.
Awards: Gold Medal, Healtheries Exhibition.
Connection: United Kingdom, Foreign and Colonial. Export largely to India, South Africa, Japan and China.
Telephone: No. 4480 Victoria, London (five lines), Private Branch Exchange.
Telegraphic Address: “Farmiloe, Sowest, London.”

See also ‘150 years of a family business in Clerkenwell‘ by Dr. Cathy Ross, 2004.

Perfect Glass for prefect body work of every description
Private Cars
Public Conveyances
Commercial Vehicles
We carry a large Stock of all sizes of Polished Plate.
Prompt attention and delivery.
T. & W. Farmiloe Ltd
Rochester Row
Westminster S.W.1
Phone: Victoria 4480 (Pte. Br. Ex.) ‘Grams: “Farmiloe, Sowest, London.”
Works: Westminster, S.W.; Nine Elms Lane, S.W.; Limehouse, E.;
Mitcham, Surrey.

From the blog Wandsworth 1914-1918:

F W Farmiloe Ltd, a paint & varnish manufacturers in Nine Elms Lane reported that business had decreased 40% and that 67 of their men had joined the Army, although they had also made 16 dismissals.

Daniel Judson & Son

From Grace’s Guide – 1914 who’s Who in Business:

JUDSON (DANIEL) & SON, Household Dyes, Paint, &c., Manufacturers, 31, Macks Road, Bermondsey, London, S.E.
Varnish Factory, Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey.
Hours of Business: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Established in 1806 by Daniel Judson.
Specialities: Straw Hat Dyes, Household Dyes, Paints, Judson’s Washable Water Paint, and Varnishes.
Telephone: No. 807 Hop. London.
Telegraphic Address: ” Fluidifico, London.”

J. and G. Miller

from Grace’s Guide – 1914 Who’s Who in Business:

MILLER, J. & G., Distillers of Mitcham Essential Oils, Fruit Growers, Farmers and Market Gardeners, Mitcham, Surrey.
Hours of Business: Usual.
Established in 1874.
Premises: Cultivate about 1200 acres.
Staff: About 250.
Branches: Chelsfield, Swanley, Bromley, Kent.
Business: Distilling Mitcham Essential Oils, Fruit Growing, Farming and Market Gardening. Claim to be the largest Distillers in England of Mitcham Essential Oils.
Connection: United Kingdom, Foreign, Colonial.
Telephone: No. 865 Mitcham.
Telegraphic Address: ” Miller Brothers, Mitcham.”
Bankers: London County and Westminster Bank, Ltd.

Firemen’s Call Bells

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 12
April 1914 to March 1915
Fire Call Bells
1st December, 1914

Page 121

An agreement from the General Post Office was submitted for removal of Circuit Wire from Cavendish Road to 29, Courtney Road, and it was proposed by Mr. Bland, seconded by Mr. Blaker, and resolved –
That the Chairman be authorised to sign same on behalf of the council.

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 11 April 1913 to March 1914
Report of the No. 1 Fire Brigade Committee
24th February, 1914

Page 177

Driver Stevens having removed from The Parade, London Road, to Edmund Road, the call bell recently fixed by the General Post Office has been rendered useless, and the Committee therefore directed the Clerk to ascertain the cost of removal to the new address. The Clerk reported that a wire was already connected in Edmund Road, and that a bell could be attached to this at a small cost and that the General Post Office were willing to remove the existing bell at The Parade to the house occupied by Fireman Jordan at the Blue Houses for an additional rental of £1 5s. The Committee are of opinion that as the Council are already under an agreement for five years for the bell at The Parade it would be advisable to accept this proposal and recommends

That the Council cancel the existing agreement with the General Post Office and enter into a new agreement upon the terms quoted, and that the Chairman be authorised to execute the same.

From the minutes of the Mitcham Parish Council
Volume 11 April 1913 to March 1914
Report of the No. 1 Fire Brigade Committee
3rd February, 1914

Page 164

A letter has been received from Mr Brooks, one of the fireman, giving notice of his removal from 75, High Street, to No. 4, West Gardens.

The committee recommends

That an order be given to the General Post Office for the removal of the call bell to the new address.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Parish Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Hygienic Wireworks

Listed in the 1973 Borough of Mitcham List of Factories at

79 Miles Road

Sheet Metal and Wire Work

From Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History:

Sheet metal and wire workers of Mitcham.
1850 Company founded.
1925 Private company.
1961 Sheet metal and wire workers, producing Genykage cages, Blend occasional furniture, Genyk hardware products, fireguards, plastic coated wire work, bathroom cabinets, meat safes, saucepan stands. 250 employees.

Company bought by Spillers in around 1969.

Then bought by Chapman Seating, according to their website:

Chapman Seating purchased Genyk Products Limited and their factory at Mitcham in South London from the Spillers Group and all the pet type products including bird and hamster cages ceased production as they were no longer economical or viable in a diminishing pet market. Chapman Seating moved to this factory and traded under the Genyk Products name for a while, but the trading name reverted to the well known and respected Chapman Seating again after two years.

1947 Miles Road

From Britain From Above

These photos have been kindly provided by a user from the Facebook Mitcham History Group:



1969 Bill receives his long term service award

1969 Bill Stephens receives his long term service award

1969 Bill receives a watch for 55 years with the company

1969 George Stephens receives a watch for 55 years with the company

Bill Stephens (1900-1987) joined the company in 1914 at the age of 14, when the company started in Peckham, and he and his family moved to Mitcham when the factory was established there. He completed 55 years’ service in 1969.

His two brothers, George (1903-1970) and Charles (1902-1984), also worked for the company, and both lost their sight because of that work. One of the brothers worked with chromium plating and acid splashed into his face, damaging his eyes. He lived a 5 minute walk from the factory, and was able to continue working there.

Another fellow on the Facebook Mitcham History Group said

I worked there around 1965, brazing fire guards……abysmal. There were two of us, one loaded while the other brazed them together, it was a bonus system so no let up for the 8 hrs you were there, couldn’t let your partner down. I remember spot welding machines that spat out white hot steel that sometimes went into your shoe – ouch !!!







1965 ad from Norwood News

£1.60 per hour plus overtime.
We produce Presswork and Wirework, and require toolmakers to manufacture and maintain our presstools and welding fixtures. Apply to:

Derek Bennett,
Genyk Products Ltd
Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey
Telephone : 648 7071

19770211 wireworks job ad

11th Feb 1977

Articles from the British Newspaper Archives

25th January 1946



FEE 10/- inclusive of sleeping accommodation (if required) and meals.


“ Practical Aspects Industrial Nursing.”

Miss M. M. Durrant, Sister-in-Charge, The Hygienic Wire Works Ltd., Mitcham.

Source: Nottingham Evening Post – Friday 25 January 1946 from the British Newspaper Archive