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1918 Queens Road

Occupants of Queens Road, Mitcham in 1918, from the electoral registers.

Odd numbers, south side

1, Alice Elizabeth and Arthur HEALEY
3, Emma Elizabeth and Frederick Henry PENNELL
5, Edith Elizabeth and Lewis James BLOCK
7, Jane and Joseph MUNT
9, Sarah Ann and Thomas GOOD
11, Alice and William HETHERINGTON
13, Walter DIGHTON
15, Elizabeth and George SEALY
17, Clara and Frederick SEMANTS
21, Rebecca JAMES
23, Harriett KING
25, Matthew MARNEY
27, Minnietta JAMES
29, Annie AYRES
31, Esther and Matthew BRAZIL
33, William DAVIS
35, Alfred and Ocean JAMES
37, Alice and William Edward BOXALL
37, Lavinia and William Collins
39, Dorothy and Richard John CHAPMAN
41, Ethel and Luke Francis WHITEMAN
43, Kate and Charles ALLEN
45, Mabel and George COOK
47, Adelaide and William Frederick HOOKINS
51, Caroline Elizabeth and Albert MUNT

Even numbers, north side

2, Jane and Oliver Compton CRESSWELL
6, Christina and Richard Samuel BULL
8, George JELLY
8, Louisa and John NOVELL
10, Annie and George Thomas JARDINE
12, Alice and Robert MARA
14, Sarah and William JELLY
16, Annie and Edward DIXIE
22, Rebecca and Matthew MARNEY
24, Victoria Helen and Archer BLOCK
26, Mabel and Henry SALLIS
28, Fanny and Jack KINGETT
30, Jesse and Emily ADAWAY
32, Emily and William ACKERMAN
34, Adelaide and Thomas Arthur NEWSOM
36, Emily BOWERS
38, Elizabeth & David DALE
40, Florence and Tom JORDAN
42, Walter MUNT
44, Maud and Walter BOWERS
46, Ada Caroline and Charles BROOKS
48, Florence Baxter and George Thomas JEAL
50, Mary Ann and Joseph MUNT
52, Elizabeth and James SWANSBURY
54, Ada May and Herbert George TRUELOVE
56, Richard PHAROAH

1888 Long Search for a Pony

Long Search after a Pony.—

At the Croydon County Court on Tuesday the suit Maynard v. Pharoah was heard.

—This was claim of arising out a series of somewhat complicated circumstances.

—The plaintiff Mr. Samuel Maynard, of Pell-street, Canning Town, and the defendant Richard Pharoah, of Queen’s-road, Mitcham.

—Mr. Atkinson appeared for the plaintiff, and said the 4th June, 18S7, Maynard lent pony to a man named Bailey on hire. Bailey took the pony away and did not return it. Subsequently it was found that he had absconded, and the next that was heard of him was at a public-house in Canning Town. In February Bailey gave himself up at Plaistow Police station, and from certain statements then made was brought before the Bench, committed for trial, convicted, and sentenced to nine months imprisonment in the presence of the prosecutor. In the first week of last September plaintiff received certain information that bis pony was in the Croydon district, and he came down and saw the pony in charge of the present defendant. They went to the Mitcham Police-station, saw Inspector Knott, and in reply his inquiries, Pharoah stated that he bought the pony of a man named Bradely, in White-street, Clapham. Bradley was telegraphed to, and he referred plaintiff to a man named Sparrowhawk, who, in his turn, stated that he bought the pony of a man he did not know and had never seen before. Plaintiff was now suing for the unlawful detention of the pony.

—Mr. Dennis appeared for the defendant, and evidence was called on both sides, the question in doubt being that of identity.

—His Honour gave judgment for the plaintiff for £5, to be reduced to 10s. on the pony being given by the defendant and accepted by the plaintiff.

Source: Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter – Saturday 27 October 1888 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)