Westfield Road

Westfield Road is off the west side of Love Lane, near to its Western Road end. It runs from Love Lane in a line parallel to Western Road. At the end of the road is a footpath that connects to the Field Gate Lane footpath, which runs along the side of the Gas Works site.

The road has a total of 24 houses, which were built in three separate periods.

As seen from Love Lane, there eleven houses on the right, which are from around 1890. A block of six houses on the left, were built in 1934 when Pear Tree Close was built. In around 1986/7, the road was extended to the right at its western end to run parallel with Field Gate Lane, and a block of seven 2-bed, 3-storey, town houses, with integral garages, were built. They are numbered 40 to 46 sequentially and have the postcode CR4 3AL, whereas the earlier houses numbered from 1 to 17 all have the postcode CR4 3AT.

This 1910 OS map shows a terrace of 11 houses, on the north side of the road.

1910 OS map

Occupants in the 1904 street directory
From Love Lane, these houses are on the right hand side:

2,Edward John BAKER
3,Albert SIVIOUR
4,William Edmund CLAYTON
5,Joseph WHITE
6,John Henry BRAVERY
7,Edwin W HARRIS
9,Edward GREEN
10,William George FULLER
11,John BROWN (hay dealer)

Occupants in the 1896 street directory

2,Alfred LEONARD
3,Albert SIVIOUR
4,William Edmund CLAYTON
6,John Henry BRAVERY
7,William Joseph BAMFORD
9,Edward GREEN
10,William Henry RHODES
11,William SUDDS

The road isn’t shown in the 1891 directory, and this OS map of 1894 shows the terrace of houses, but the road isn’t named.

1894 OS map

The OS map of 1866 does not show the houses.

The 1951 OS map shows the addition of houses on the left hand, or southern side of the road. These were numbered from 12 to 17 sequentially.

1951 OS map

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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