Albert Terrace

Built in 1903 by W. Hyde, this terrace of six houses is on the left side of Palestine Grove, as viewed from Church Road.

A stone plaque set in the wall of number 7 is inscribed:

Built by W.H.

W. Hyde applied for planning permission in 1902 to build six cottages as shown in the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council, Roads and Buildings Committee, Volume VIII 1902 – 1903, dated 18th December 1902 on
page 636

2. Deposited Plans. – The Buildings Sub-Committee reported that they had carefully examined all the plans of new streets and buildings deposited since the last meeting, and on their recommendation, it was Resolved:-
(a) That the undermentioned be approved:

No. 2325, Hyde, W., 6 cottages, Palestine Grove, Mitcham

From the 1915 street directory, as described from Church Road to Phipps Bridge Road, the houses are numbered from 6 to 1:

6, Daniel CROW
5, Joseph Ernest ORANGE
4, Edwin JEWELL
3, John EVANS
2, Arthur Charles PAYNE
1, George Henry BLACKALL

After renumbering, these houses were numbered odd from 1 starting at the Church Road end, to 11.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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