Mitcham Town Guard

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badge, lapel, British, Mitcham Town Guard
badge, lapel, British, Mitcham Town Guard© IWM (INS 7874)

Mitcham Tooting Mercury
4th September, 1914
page 3

Orders for the week ending 12th September, 1914:-
– The following members having been duly enrolled, are taken on the strength of the Guard, allotted the registered number against their respective names and are posted to

Company 1
1 G. Bennett
2 L. Berra
3 F. G. Carter
4 T. P. Cockbain
6 W. Court
8 A. N. Gore
7 H. Harding
8 A. R. Harwood
9 A. E. Hayne
11 J. McL. Jones
12 S. J. King
13 R. Macbeth
14 A. McPherson
15 E. G. Miller
16 G. E. Mountain
17 R. Reid
18 J. B. Rompel
19 J. Seale
29 H. F. Stephenson
21 F. P. Turner
22 H. S. Wackett
23 A. J. Watson
24 Jas. White
26 A. C. Wilmott
28 F. H. Wood
27 T. Cato Worsfold, LL. D.
28 W. F. Jackson
29 A. E. Jesson
30 C. Stratton
32 C. F. Hargrave
33 W. H. Waller
34 E. E. Wingfield
35 F. W. Mapes
38 C. E. Jenner
37 D. Ellis
38 D. W. Drewett
39 F. Hawthorn
40 G. Browning
41 J. D. Clarke
42 J. Harding
43 G. M. Aylwin
44 E. J. Skillern
46 J. J. Mepham
48 W. J. Anders
47 E. H. Singfield
48 K. Newman
49 F. J. Ayling
50 F. C. Reed
51 A. Johnson
52 A. Band
13 H. J. Wells
54 S. Freight
66 F. W. Gunn
67 W. Billington
68 J. Ray
86 D. H. Merrick
60 H. G. Littleton
69 E. Storm
80 H. W. White
87 C. C. Cockbain
118 J. P. Dison
119 E. Mintford

Company 2
10 S. H. Holland
31 H. J. Lamb
66 W. R. Ginns
61 H. J. Davis
62 J. D. Drewett, S.C.C.
63 W. Miller
64 Rev. J. Bevan
65 W. G. Roffe
66 A. H. Peacock
68. J. Poston
70 L. Shouler
71 J. D. Haywood
72 T. E. Heawood
73 J. W. Godden
74 E. R. Lardner
76 P. L. Berryman
78 D. G. Cooper
77 G. J. Henry
78 E. O. Whalebone
79 R. H. Gerard
81 Harry Mount
82 J. A. R. Fotheringham
83 S. B. Swanton
84 H. G. Goodman
85 F. J. Coley
86 A. H. Maugham
88 J. Phillpot
89 G. Clare
90 W. E. Clare
91 G. A. Cramp
92 H. M. E. Cussen
93 C. E. Hayden
84 H. Sayers
85 A. E. Hooper
98 R. Chart, Jun.
87 A. H. Lingham
88 T. S. Ritchie
99 H. E. Martin
100 T. K. Harvey
101 T. W. Bowhill
119 A. Deacon
103 W. J. Davis
104 H. E. Todd
105 L. Coleman
108 J. Leverett
107 J. A. Martin
108 M. Thompson
109 T. H. Bramdon
110 H. Williams
111 A. Dunning
112 G. Hollingdale
113 E. J. Pelling
114 C. Goose
115 L. A. Kettel
118 R. Chabauty
117 H. J. Douglas
120 W. Halse
121 A. W. Berry
122 W. Lewis
123 W. H. Isaac
124 E. Glencross
125 T. W. Lacey
128 A. Wells
127 E. E. Jacobs
128 W. Lawrence

Appointments.—Mr. S. Chart has been appointed Company Commander
No. 1 Company; Mr. H. Lane Drury Company Commander No. 2 Company;
and No. 17 R. Reid has been appointed Commander’s Clerk.
All to be members of the Commander’s Consultation Committee.


—It is compulsory on the part all members that they put in at least one drill
every fortnight during the first two months, but the Commander confidently hopes that
members will attend all parades possible. These parades will be held as often as
possible, so as to give everyone the opportunity of becoming efficient at the earliest possible
date. Drills have been arranged for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, at 8.30 p.m., at Star School Yard (opposite Parish Church). All members,
Atthether of No. 1 or No. 2 Company, are requested to attend as many of these parades
as possible.


—Company Commanders, section and subsection leaders (when appointed) will form a Consultation Committee to assist the Commander in the management and maintenance of discipline, and It must
be understood that any orders or instructions issued by the committee (individually
or collectively) must be implicitly obeyed.

(Signed) F. W. WILLIAMS TILL, Capt.,
Commanding Mitcham Town Guard.
Friday, September 4th, 1914.

Mitcham Tooting Mercury
11th September, 1914

Orders for week ending 19th September,
1914:- .
No. 50. F. C. Reed having joined the
Queen’s Westminsters for active service is
struck off the strength of the Town Guard
from the 2nd inst.
The following having been duly enrolled,
are taken on the strength, allotted the reg.
number against their respective names, and
are posted to:—

No. 1 Company:—
130 L. H. Munday

No. 2 Company:-
131 E. E. Jones 165 A. S. Hollay
134 F. T.Peddock

Company 3
129 W. H. Russelll
132 C. R. Nunn
133 C. L. Wilson
135 Wm. F. Laing
136 E. F. Ohlson
137 A. V. Ball
138 P. J. Wilson
139 H. Hann
140 W. P. Millan
141 H. E. Judd
142 W. Wilson
143 C. Gregory
144 A. R. Daunton
145 A. Jackson
146 J. Terry
147 G. R. Tomson
148 A. Whiting
149 A, Cordier
150 A. Ford
151 P. J. Hunt
152 G. R. Richings
153 H. Mardling
154 W. H. Barnes
155 C. Caldwell
156 C. A. Foley
157 Hy. Hudson
168 L. L. Foley
150 W. Blackstone
160 T. W. James
161 C. Jalome
162 F. T. Elliott
163 F. T. Short
164 W. J. Bird
166 F. A. Holland
167 J. Streatfield
168 A. R. Hudson
169 L. W. Langridge
170 H. E. Cresswell
171 F. D. Munday
172 R. Small
173 J. H. Ward
174 H. G. Penegar

Mitcham Tooting Mercury
18th September, 1914

The following have been duly enrolled:
175 C. G. Rabbetts
176 C. S. Browning
177 A. S. Parkhouse
178 H. E. Singleton Cooper
179 Harry Tedder
180 A. R. Cheal
181 E. J. Ball
182 A. J. C. Healey
183 S. J. Brightwell
184 M. Hawkins
185 G. Farewell-Jones
186 F. H. Cannon
187 H. H. Dance
188 H. C. Josling
189 John Baynes
190 Alfred Wilson
191 J. Jordan

Mitcham Tooting Mercury
25th September, 1914

The following have been duly enrolled:

192 P. Johnstone
193 F. C. Baker
194 J. Grange
195 T. W. Standwell
196. A. Walley
197 H. D. Pike
198 A. T. Cox
200 Albert White
201 J. O. Gray
202 O. T. Glover
203 H. Histed
204 I. Hicks
205 W. Powell
206 W. H. Elswood
207 E. F. Elton
208 Sidney Harvey

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