Freehold Plot Boundary Map

As part of UK government Open Data, the boundaries of freehold properties can be viewed online for free. Each plot is identified by a number, called the INSPIRE-ID. INSPIRE is so called as it is from an EU directive, the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community. This gives a cadastral map for the UK, similar to what other European countries have had.

The access to this map is found via the website and presents a map of the Uk that you have to zoom in to get the area you want.

Click here for Mitcham (opens in a new window or tab).

Select the Backdrop Map Projection as British National Grid to flatten the map:
Backdrop Map

Zoom in on the map by using the slider or double clicking. The map area may be blank as it takes a while to get all the data.

To get a description of the plot, make a note of the INSPIRE-ID number and do a search on the Land Registry website.


An example is Vestry Hall. On this clip of the map
Vestry and Fire Station
the INSPIRE-ID 48379202 seems to encircle the fire station. Putting this into an INSPIRE-ID query gives
Vestry Hall

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