Carew Road

Road that runs from south west end with Feltham Road, to north east end with Locks Lane. There are currently 30 houses, all with the postcode CR4 2JH.

2nd August, 1951

Labour councillor Tom RUFF … said that the POLE-CAREW family once owned land in Mitcham and Carew Road was named after them.

The first houses were built around 1902 as shown by this planning application by the Mizen brothers.

From the minutes of the
Croydon Rural District Council
Roads and Buildings Committee
Volume VIII 1902 – 1903
15th May 1902
page 111

2. Deposited Plans. – The Buildings Sub-Committee reported that they had carefully examined al the plans of new streets and buildings deposited since the last meeting, and on their recommendation, it was Resolved:-
(a) That the undermentioned be approved:

No. 2140, Mizen Bros., 6 cottages, Carew Road, Mitcham

The OS map from 1911 shows a terrace of ten houses at the Feltham Road end, on the east side of Carew Road.

1911 OS map

The 1915 street directory shows these houses as numbered from south to north as 1 to 6 Enville Terrace and then 1 to 4, Grange Villas:

Enville terrace:
1,Martin ADAMS
2,Herbert S HUTT
3,Alfred John ROBB
4,William RINGROVE
5,Charles HIGGS
Grange villas:
1,William WHITE
2,George KEEN
3,Albert FULLER
4,Thomas WHITE

St Marks Church Vicarage House was built on the west side of Carew Road at the corner with Locks Lane in around 1930.

This 1953 OS map shows that the house numbers have been changed to even on the east side from 2 to 40, and odd on the west side from 1 to 11.

1953 OS map

Planning applications in the 1950s show the houses planned for numbers 13 to 19, but it is not clear when they were built.

Application MIT1975 for 4 houses at number 13 was granted on 27/02/1953.
MIT1918 for a bungalow and garage on the site of 17 and 19 was granted on 28/11/1953.

This photo from 1971 of North Sea gas conversion vans shows Carew Road on the left leading away from the photographer towards Locks Lane.

22nd March, 1971. North Sea gas conversion vans in Feltham Road, Mitcham.

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

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