Harry Mount

Councillor Henry Lewis Mount was a J.P. and District Chairman in 1920.

1914 - 15

1914 – 15

This photo is from a set of Mitcham Urban District Councillors, from the Local Studies Centre at Morden Library. Reference L2 (352) Cou.

Mount Road was named after him, according to EN Montague, in his Mitcham Histories: 14 Upper Mitcham and Western Road page 79.

In 1939 he wrote an article in the Croydon Advertiser of his memories in Mitcham in the 1870s, called I Remember Early Days In Mitcham.

Copyright David J. Barnes

Copyright David J. Barnes

This photo is from a family history website reproduced here by permission of David J. Barnes.

In 1928 his son Harold was injured in the Mitcham Council Stores Yard:

Harold Mount, aged 22, of Church Road. Mitcham, the son of Mr. Harry Mount, Mitcham magistrate, had a remarkable escape from death on Saturday. He was standing near a steam roller under repair in Mitcham Council stores yard, when one of the rear wheels, weighing 30 cwt., fell off and pinned him by the right leg. It required half dozen men with crowbars to release Mr. Mount, who was taken to Nelson Hospital, Merton, with a fractured right leg.

Source: Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Monday 30 April 1928 from the British Newspaper Archive (subscription required)

The Electoral Registers for 1937 have him and Bessie Alexandra Mount living at 116 Church Road, Mitcham. In 1918 he was at the same address, with a Sarah Jane Mount. In 1920 other occupants were Arthur and Edward Earnest Mount.

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