Armfield Crescent Block Names

The Borough Engineer said in a Mitcham Borough Council meeting on the 6th September 1951 that the names of the blocks were taken from the title deeds, and that they were owners of plots of land where the estate was built.

Councillor Tom Ruff said that the names should reflect local history and tabled a motion of alternative names, but it was rejected.

From the minutes of the
Housing Committee
27th September 1951
Page 282

A further amendment was tabled by Councillor T.L. Ruff and seconded by Councillor S.L.E. Saldanha, That the resolution to paragraph 16 (Elm Nursery Estate) be deleted and that the blocks of flats on Elm Nursery Estate be named as follows:-

Block Name
C Elm Court
A1 Mizen Court
A2 Carry Court
B Poles Court

And upon this amendment being put to the meeting the Mayor declared it to be lost.

And upon the original motion as amended being put to the meeting the Mayor declared it to be carried.

Comparison with the names that were accepted, and those suggested:

Block Name Tom Ruff’s Suggestion
Elm Court Elm Court
Mainwaring Court Mizen Court
Coningsby Court Carry Court
Paxton Court Poles Court

The Council voted against this change and the names stayed as originally planned.

Minutes of meetings held by the Mitcham Borough Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

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