Isolation Hospital


From the 1913 Health Report, published in February 1914:

The Isolation Hospital, which is situated in Beddington Corner, Mitcham Junction, was opened at the beginning of March, 1899, and since that date 4,309 patients been admitted.


At the time the Hospital was first opened, the population of the district being about 28,000, it was thought that 28 beds will be sufficient accommodation. Shortage of beds, however, became more pronounced in each succeeding year, and in 1905, the Hospital was very considerably enlarged by the addition of a Scarlet Fever pavilion of 22 beds. The hand laundry, and some additional dormitory accommodation is provided in the Administrative Block.

A further enlargement took place in 1910, which included a cubicle block 12 patients, and also quarters for Resident Medical Officer.


The Staff of the Hospital consists of


Resident Medical Officer 1
Matron 1
Assistant matron 1
Nurses 13
Laundresses 3
Engineers 2
Servants 7
Wardmaids 6
Seamstress 1
Gardeners 2
Porter/Portress 1 each


During the year 292 patients have been admitted, of which number


Scarlet Fever 185
Diphtheria 94
Typhoid Fever 6
Puerperal Fever 1
Cerebro-spinal Meningitis 2
Erysipelas 4

Nineteen of these patients were admitted by arrangement with other authorities, and 17 were admitted from Merton.

Of the 292 patients admitted, 280 were discharged as cured, and 12 died, viz., 3 from Scarlet Fever, 5 from Diphtheria, 1 from Typhoid Fever, 1 from Erysipela, and 2 from Cerebro-spinal Meningitis (including one from Tuberculous Meningitis).

The case mortality is 4.1 per cent as compared with 4.4 in 1912.

In Scarlet Fever the case mortality is 1.5 per cent as compared with 0.85 in 1912, and in Diphtheria it is 5.3 per cent as compared with 7.9 per cent in 1912.

During the year 1,120 swabs were examined at the Hospital.

The sputum of 17 patients in the Hospital were examined during the year.

Note that the health report was for the Croydon Rural Sanitary Authority and the figures shown are for all parishes, which included

  1. Addington
  2. Beddington
  3. Coulsdon
  4. Mitcham
  5. Morden
  6. Sanderstead
  7. Wallington
  8. Woodmansterne
  9. Merton

1902 Nurse Appointment

From the minutes of the Croydon Rural District Council
Volume 8
1902 to 1903
15th May 1902
page 99

The Council considered applications for the appointment of a nurse at the Isolation Hospital, and had before them Nurse Owen, of Gravesend, Nurse Avery, of Islington, and Nurse Blaker of Portslade.

After interviewing the candidates, it was Resolved, That Nurse E. Blaker, of Portslade, be, and is hereby appointed nurse at the Isolation Hospital with a salary at the rate of £24 per annum, together with uniform, and the usual resident allowances, in accordance with the terms of the advertisement.

Demolished in the late 1980s, more information can be found at the Lost Hospitals website.

Minutes of meetings held by the Croydon Rural District Council are available on request from the Merton Heritage and Local Studies Centre at Morden Library.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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