P.A.K. Parachutes

P.A.K. Parachute Co. Ltd.
175a Streatham Road

From Flight Magazine, 12th November 1936

167 PAK PARACHUTE Co. Ltd., 175a Streatham Road, Mitcham, Surrey.

— Parachutes of all kinds, whether for life-saving or simply dropping or flare-dropping, as well as many types of towing targets, are made by this company.

The latest type of Pak parachute, known as the Universal, is one which, with its harness, can be used either as a detachable, seat or back type. The chief pilot can therefore vacate his seat, leaving the parachute in position for a relieving pilot, and the former can bring his hooks to the front and then use any other pack available in the machine.

From Flight Magazine, 25th August 1938

The PAK Parachute Company, whose works are at Mitcham, Surrey, produce the seat, quick-connector and back-type parachutes which form the standard equipment of the Air Forces of Czechoslovakia and Finland.

Their latest development is what is called the ” Universal ” parachute, which can be used either as a seat or beck (pilot type) or lap (observer) type. In the past the parachutes to be worn in such positions have required the use of three entirely different parachutes and harnesses, but these three models have been combined into one, so that the parachute can be used to suit all duties — piloting, gunnery, photography, etc. The harness incorporates a safety belt which enables the wearer to lean over the side of the aircraft in perfect safety.

19380825 parachute illustration

Moved to Tiverton in Devon in 1939

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