British Red Cross Mitcham Residents in WW1

From the British Red Cross this is a list of all those who lived in Mitcham and served for them during World War 1.

Click on the name to see, in a new window or tab, the details held by the Red Cross.

Helen Bruce Anderson
James MacGregor Anderson
Ethel Ayres
Grace Barber
Ethel Beable
Frederick C Bradley
Marie Brewer
Lily Rose Bye
Matilda Chopping
Walter Frederick Crisp
William Harris Crisp
Esme Nellie Fielding
Flora Boyd Goodman
Mr E Hammond
Helen Constance Hawkins
Ivy Louisa Hooper
Florence Hulse
Mr H S Jackson
Katherine Farewell Jones
Annie Lee
Alice Mardell
Ivy Matthews
Albert Victor Richard Maynard
Elizabeth Miller
Marjorie Miller
Alice Frances Omond
Edith Margaret Omond
Christina Parker
Walter Charles Pattenden
May Marian Pearse
Edith Peat
Marjorie Peat
Elsie Louisa Sanders
George Shorter
Alfred Simons
Mr F Sutton
Jessie Swift
Dorothy Thomas
Mary Webber

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