1886 to 1893 Health Reports

From Croydon Rural Sanitary Authority minutes, read in Croydon Local Studies Centre.

Health reports by Edward Marshall:


Severe outbreak of measles & whooping cough 1884-85.

Complaints of injurious vapours & smells against Messrs Foster & Gregory, Chemical Works in Lonesome led to an inspection. He found no cause for complaint.

Death rate was 18.7 per 1000 and the birth rate was 38.9 per 1000.


Inspected piggeries at Single Gate, Pound Farm & issued orders to abate the nuisance.

Objected to a horse slaughterer & bone boiling business proposed for West Fields, Mitcham. This was also opposed by the Holborn Guardians who have just erected a large Workhouse within 300 yards of the site. It was approved by the Board of Magistrates


Epidemic of scarlet fever in Merton in 1887, possibly due to milk supplied by a certain dairy.

Complaint against a gut-cleaning operation in Pound Farm was dealt with.

Nightingale’s Cottages in Halfacre Row were condemned by a Magistrate’s order, after being reported as unfit for human habitation.

Scarlet fever outbreak in Field Gate affected sixty children.


Inspected a bakehouse that was too close to a stable & suggested alterations to prevent contamination, and these were carried out by the baker.

Some Cottages in Evan’s Cottages in West Field have been reported as unfit for human habitation.

“The Piggeries” in Prince of Wales Road, Mitcham were again the subject of complaint.


End of 1889 saw outbreak of Russian Influenza.


1891 started with one of the severest winters on record. Six children died from whooping cough.

Two blocks, Ebenezer-terrace & Concrete-cottages were reported insanitary & have been repaired.

March, 1893

Year started with another severe winter. Flu epidemic persisted & also bronchitis & pneumonia.

Mrs Rumble of Pincott Road, Merton was visited on 22/5/1892 and had small-pox. This & other cases were sent to the Isolation Hospital. The last case was 27th August. In all cases clothes & bedding were destroyed by fire.

The supply of water from the Lambeth company is now almost universal in the district, but there are still some outlying localities supplied from wells. The water from these wells is being tested.

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