Breweries taken over by Charringtons

Useful when trying to date a pub. For example, the Queen’s Head at the Cricket Green was a Crowley pub in 1893, so in 1911 it would have been a Hoare’s and then in 1933 it would have become a Charrington one.

Charrington took over Directly

Year Brewer Of
1833 Steward & Head Stratford
1890 Bell’s Fulham
1891 East’s Kingston
1903 Walker’s Gravesend
1909 Campbell Johnstone Notting Hill
1911 Chandler’s (1/2) London
1916 Brook’s Peckham
1920 Notting Hill (1/2)
1925 Savill Bros. Stratford
1927 Tilney’s Whitechapel
1929 Seabrooke & Sons Grays

and indirectly Tilney’s of Whitechapel had taken over:

Year Brewer Of
1914 Blythe & Squier Stanford-le-Hope
1927 Baddow

Hoare’s of London took over:

Year Brewer Of
1923 Lion

Lion had taken over

New Westminster

Year Brewer Of
Chandlers (1/2)

Hoare’s of London then took over:

Year Brewer Of
Golding (Houses)
Wooldridge (Houses) Tottenham
1911 Lock Smith
Santer’s Caledonian
1912 Mitcham & Cheam
1919 Norwood
1919 Crowley Croydon
1925 New Cross (Houses)
1926 City of London (Houses)
1928 Commercial (Houses)
1928 Swan (Houses) Fulham
1929 Page & Overton Croydon

Page & Overton of Croydon of London took over:

Year Brewer Of
1903 Shirley
1903 Royal Oak Croydon
1903 Youell & Elkins Horley
1903 Bradley’s Epsom
1903 Verralls Southover
1903 Britannia Old Kent Road
1921 Lamberhurst
1930 Ballard Lewes

Hoare’s of London then took over:

Year Brewer Of
1929 Page & Overton Croydon
1930 West’s Bethnal Green

Charrington took over Hoare’s of London in 1933

Charrington then took over

Year Brewer Of
1950 Thompson’s Walmer
1951 Kenward & Court, Hammerton (part)
1954 Kemp Town Brighton

Source: page 48, A Brewer’s Progress 1757 – 1957, by L.A.G. Strong

From Wikipedia:

In 1967 Charrington merged with Bass and Mitchell & Butler to form Bass Charrington Ltd.
In 1997 Bass Charrington sold off its pubs and the buyer created Punch Taverns.

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