Canons Lodge

Locally listed December 1992, by Merton Council:

This is a small single storey detached Lodge, which dates from around 1870. The Lodge forms part of the original wall which surround the grounds of the Canons House, and it marks the point where the original entrance to the grounds once stood. The Lodge faces towards the original entrance drive, (with a projecting bay window) while it displays an almost blank wall to the main road. The building materials use include stock brick, (in part painted over), and roof tiles. The design of the building does not relate to that of any others in the vicinity. The main features of interest relate to the orientation of the building, and to its function as a Lodge for the Canons. No subsequent changes are evident.

This 1953 OS map shows the building was at the entrance road to the Canons.

Photos taken May 2016
20160516 Canons Lodge 1 smaller

20160516 Canons Lodge 2 smaller

20160516 The Lodge Madeira Road

In 1890, owner occupier was George Pickles.

Source: Surrey, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1945 North East Surrey, Wimbledon, page 437.

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