Gas Works Building Names

At the Gas Works in Western Road, there was a staff competition to rename buildings, and office rooms. Chris Harding was the winner, and fortunately she kept the notice about the results.

GasWorks Building Names Comp

Congratulations to Chris Harding

You will see from the attached note that Chris Harding, who is part of our Power-dialling team, has won the building naming competition. Chris is currently on holiday so her success, and new Sony Handycam, will be a lovely surprise to come back to.

You will see from the attached note from Steve Lynch that Chris had given the theme considerable thought and we congratulate her on her successful entry.

I would also like to thank everyone else who entered the contest for their efforts. Once again…Well done Chris!
Paul Evans.

An interesting set of results. From 32 entries and five judges a maximum score of 50 points was possible and with two judges awarding top marks to the same entry, there was a clear winner Chris Harding (Predictive Dialling), who is now the proud owner of the Sony TR425E Handycam… congratulations.

In joint second places with 21 points each were the entries from Linda Hawkins and (Environment Support) and Liz Wellbelove (UCAD South London) but with 29 points.

The winning entry from Chris was developed around the idea of “what Mitcham is famous for”.
1. Its association with Lord Nelson who lived in the area and watched cricket on the green
2. Its lavender fields which supplied Potter & Moores who also lived in the area
3. William Morris had a print shop on the river Wandle at the Abbey Mills
4. Mitcham cricket pitch is one of the oldest in England

Armed with these vital facts Chris developed the theme of building and meeting room names to be:

NELSON HOUSE (was Surrey)
room 1 – Hamilton
room 2 – Victory
room 3 – Trafalgar

LAVENDER HOUSE (was north surrey)
room 1 – Harvest
room 2 – Field

WILLIAM MORRIS HOUSE (was the data centre)
room 1 – Liberty
room 2 – Print
room 3 – Wandle

room 1 – Boundary
room 2 – Linesman
room 3 – Crease
room 4 – Wicket

Thanks to all who took part and the judges for voting a clear winner… WELL DONE CHRIS. Watch out for details of our next Ops & Tek competition.
————— —

However, this document did not have a date!

This photo of the gas works was taken looking south, with the remaining gas holder on the right. The blue and white building on the left was called Segas House

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