British Red Cross Society (Youth Section)

From the Mitcham Youth Handbook of 1949

Mitcham Division

Training in First Aid, Nursing, Junior Mothercraft, Infant Welfare, Stretcher Drill. Activities include International Correspondence, “Adoption” of Crippled Children, Hospital Duties, Sick Visits, “Sitting-in,” Escort Duties, Attendance at Cinemas, Dances, Clinics, etc.

Open to Boys and Girls from 11 years; Cadet Units from 11 years to 16 years; Detachments from 16 years.

Surrey 31 (Men and Boys), Thursday, at Divisional Hq Meopham Road;
Surrey 138 (Women and Girls), Monday at ditto, ditto;
Surrey 238 (Women and Girls), Wednesday, Bond Road School, Mitcham.

For further particulars apply B.R.C.S. Divisional Headquarters, Meopham Road, Mitcham.

Source: Local Studies Centre, Morden Library, Civic Centre, Morden.
Reference: L2 (369) MIT

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