1918 Elementary Schools

From 1918 street directory

A School Committee of 12 members was formed in 1903, increased to 18 in 1912.

Chairman, Alfred Mizen c.c
Clerk to the Committee, William Junes Dickisson, 37 Church road, Mitcham
School Medical Officer, T. Henry Jones M.D, C.M. Edin., D.P.H.
camb. 13 Penrhyn road, Kingston-on-Thames
Attendance Officer, C. W. Sanders, 42 Albert road, Mitcham

Fortescue road (boys, girls & infants), erected in 1911 for 330 boys, 330 girls & 300 infants; Harry J. Davis, master; Miss Annie Fawcett, mistress; Miss Elizabeth Freshwater, infants’ mistress

Gorringe Park, built in 1907, & enlarged in 1911, for 330 boys, 360 girls & 300 infants; manual instruction & cookery & domestic centre; Robert Thomas Jones, master; Miss Emily Fagg, mistress; Miss Sarah Ellen Waddington, infants’ mistress

Links, erected in 1912, for 350 boys, 330 girls & 300 infants ; Martin A. Fayers F.R.H.S. master; Miss S. Blake, mistress ; Miss Maria Marlow, infants’ mistress

Lower Mitcham, Church road, built in 1897, for 280 boys, 280 girls & 320 infants & enlarged in 1913 for 380 boys, 880 girls & 320 infants; John D. Clarke, master; Miss Annie Roes, mistress; Miss Ellen Smith, infants’ mistress

Lonesome, East fields (mixed), erected in 1903, for 258 children; Miss Edith H. Magee, mistress

Singlegate, Christchurch rood (boys), erected in 1911, for 360; (girls), erected in 1897 & enlarged in 1907, for 350; (infants), erected in 1874 & enlarged in 1897 & 1907, for 350 ; Archibald W. Dall B.A.Lond, master; Miss F. K. Taylor L.L.A. mistress; Miss Mary Edwards, infants’ mistress

Upper Mitcham, built in 1884, enlarged in 1912, for 330 girls & 340 infants; boys’, erected in 1896 & removed in 1912 to new building for 350, on Commonside east; George R. Waters, master; Miss Amy Sophia Beddoe, mistress; Miss Jessie Hunt, infants’ mistress

Lower Mitcham, Catholic (mixed) erected about 1867 & enlarged in 1807, for 148 children; Miss Elizabeth Davey, mistress

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