1938 Mitcham Borough Council

From 1938 Directory


Meetings are held at the Town hall, London road, on the
4th tuesday in each month at 8 p.m.

Mayor – Alderman S. L. Gaston J.P.
Deputy Mayor – Alderman J. P. Turner J.P.


A. H. Bailey
A. T. Fabian
E. J. D. Field J.P.
Mrs. W. Toynbee
C. Woods


North Ward.
J. Brewer
J. Beaumont
A. T. Gidden
W. F. Hill
H. Richards
Miss R. K. Wilson

South Ward.
A. E. Cubison
W. Curtis Wakeford
H. L. Gauntlett
Mrs. H. M. Hallowes
T. J. Higgs
Rev. T. King

East Ward.
W. Dalton
T. A. East
J. E. Hill
F. P. Howard
H. Lee
G. R. Madgwick

West Ward.
T. E. Hanson
W. Jeffery
T. E. Penfold
V. G. Pullen
Mrs. C. Randall
Mrs. E. Watson

Town Clerk & Rating Officer, Stephen Chart D.S.O.
Borough Treasurer, C. H. Parslow
Medical Officer of Health, A. T. Till, M.B., B.Ch.Edin., Mitcham Court, Lower Green
Borough Engineer & Surveyor, Riley Schofield, A.M.I.C.E., M.I.M. & Cy.E, P.A.S.I.
Superintendent Health Visitor, Mrs. E. Wray, Mitcham Court, Lower Green
Sanitary Inspector, K. J. Gutteridge, Mitcham Court, Lower Green
Collector, H. W. White
Housing Manager, Miss. B. Thrupp, B.A., P.A.S.I., Mitcham Court, Lower Green
Shops Inspector, L. Rummery, Mitcham Court, Lower Green
Valuation Officer, L. H. Munday, Mitcham Court, Lower Green
Baths Superintendent, C. P. Walker, Public Baths, London Road
Librarian, L. Montague Harrod

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