1952 Prospects in New Zealand

Prospects in New Zealand

Mitcham displays an interest

Mitcham Vestry Hall was crowded on Wednesday and Thursday nights last week to see a New Zealand Government talkie film on the prospects for emigrants to that country.

The film was supplemented by a more intimate and up-to-date talk by a representative of the New Zealand Government, who invited questions — and got them.

One young Irishman asked if there was any prospect of conscription out there.
“There is. If the need arises,” he was told.

The free passage scheme is now open to single men and women of British race, who are accommodated in hostels. Married folk are not encouraged to emigrate unless than are certain of accommodation and are themselves skilled workers in certain trades.

Questions elicited the information that the cost of living in New Zealand was roughly the same as in this country; and that wages on the average were a little higher. Carpenters, for example, got £9 12s. 7d. for a working week of 40 hours. Builders’ labourers received a basic rate of £8 16s. 6d. Women footwear operatives
were paid £5 10s. 5d. a week.

Source : Mitcham News & Mercury, 24th July 1952

Inflation adjusted, the weekly wages quoted, £9 12s. 7d. is around £270 in 2016, and £8 16s. 6d. is £250, while £5 10s. 5d. is about £160.

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