Albert Road

Road north of Cold Blows and east of Whitford Gardens.

Road sign for Albert Road at Cold Blows end. Photo taken 20th August 2022

1910 OS Map

1910 OS Map

1953 OS map

1953 OS map

Occupants in the 1911 street directory

10, Ernest JENNER
12, Ebenezer LEWIS
14, Ernest BIGSBY
16, Thomas Henry DYER
18, William George KING
22, Mrs JONES
24, James CLEAL
26, Percy James HUNT
28, Alexander TAIT
30, Mrs BAND
32, Walter CLARK
34, Augustus IVE
38, Archibald MCLACHLAN

From the 1915 street directory:

from Elmwood Road

8, William Walter JENNER
10, Ernest JENNER
16, Mrs TAYLOR
18, Thomas Bowen OWEN
22, Mrs AUSTIN
24, James CLEAL
26, George William LOVE
28, Percy James HUNT
30, Mrs BAND
32, Robert Thomas JONES
34, John HAMER
36, Thomas Walter JAMES
38, Archibald MACLACHLAN
40, Arthur BIGSBY
42, Charles William SANDERS
50, George Thomas NIGHTINGALE
54, William John LELLIOTT
56, Arthur BLOCK
58, Mrs LEACH
60, William ALLEN
62, Charles NUNN
64, Mrs T BAKER
68, Leonard LAIT

… here is Cold Blows

57, Thomas James CLARKE
55, Albert Edward POTTER
53, Ernest BIGSBY
51, William Aubrey WOOLLEY
49, William JOWITT
47, John Alexander FINDLAY
45, Jack H HARROW
43, Roy DALE
41, Alfred John Thomas LAWSON

World War 1 Connections
Air Mechanic 1st Class William Andrew Hardy

Corporal James Henry Weight

From the Surrey Recruitment Registers:

A G BROOKER of 56 Albert Road, aged 29 Years, Grocer. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 9 December 1915 to the Royal Field Artillery.

J A FINDLAY of Glenask, Albert Road, aged 29 Years 1 Months, Cashier. Conscripted on 9 May 1916 to the London Regiment (15th Batn). John Alexander FINDLAY listed in the 1915 street directory at number 47.

A E JENNER of 10 Albert Road, aged 20 Years 1 Months, Gas Collector. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 23 February 1916 to the Royal Engineers.

W J JOWITT of 49 Albert Road, aged 38 Years, Sorter. Conscripted on 14 May 1917 to the Royal Horse & Field Artillery (4 Depot).

L W H LAIT of The Mews, Albert Road, aged 23 Years, Clerk. Volunteered with the Derby Scheme on 6 June 1916 to the Royal Garrison Artillery (no 1 Depot).

W J LELLIOTT of 54 Albert Road, aged 29 Years, Collector. Conscripted on 11 December 1916 to the Royal West Surrey Regiment (Labour Coy).

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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