Lilian Bullock – obituary

From the Mitcham Cricket Club Yearbook for 1977 :

Mrs Lilian Bullock who died last November in her seventy ninth year – just eighteen months after retiring from the Kings Head, had been in poor health for some little time.

By her death the Club has lost its only lady Vice-president and a very good friend over many years, as Lil took a great interest in the catering side of the Club affairs and really enjoyed supervising the formidable array of helpers in her earlier days.

Lil and her late husband Burn came to the Kings Head in 1941. When he died in 1954 she carried on managing and created a wonderful “crickety” atmosphere about the place which showed particularly during the Club’s Cricket Weeks, the frequent visits by many County players undoubtably added to that feeling.

Thanks to Lil’s kindness the Club had come to regard the “Head” as its second headquarters especially during the close season when the Pavilion was not too inviting.

Lil was very pleased when the brewers decided to rename The Head to the “Burn Bullock” in memory of her late husband. She leaves one daughter Stella and one grandson Nicholas.

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