Rev G.S. Lubbock

Vicar of Mitcham, 1941 to 1952. Well known for his restoration of the Parish Church after the second world war, according to this article of his death in 1969:

Former vicar killed in crash

A former Vicar of Mitcham, the Rev. George Sutton Lubbock (aged 74), was killed last week when the car he was a passenger in, was in collision with a lorry at Chaumont, just outside Paris.

Father Lubbock, a bachelor, became Vicar of Mitcham Parish Church in September, 1941, until 1952, when he left to become Vicar of St Mary’s, in Sanderstead. He retired in 1963 to live at Blackheath, where he was the honorary assistant Vicar of All Saints’ Church.

The driver of the car, Miss Elizabeth Jenkins, a neighbour of Mr Lubbock, was also killed in the crash. Aged 58, Miss Jenkins, the daughter of a clergyman, was an old family friend of Mr Lubbock, and used to live at St. Mary’s, a house at the Cricket Green, Mitcham.

On Sunday, the present Vicar of Mitcham, the Rev John Thorold, paid tribute to Father Lubbock, and on Monday morning, a requiem mass was held at the church, which was very well attended.

“During his incumbency at Mitcham, he was noted for his restoration of the Mitcham Parish Church after the war,” the Rev John Thorold said.

“There was considerable damage to the building, although not directly hit, and he organised the restoration, under the supervision of Mr S.E. Dykes Bower, from Westminster Abbey.

“He will always be well known for this, and he was a man of cultivated tastes and interests,” added Mr Thorold.

The funeral took place on Wednesday in Norfolk.

Source: Mitcham News & Mercury, 6th June 1969, page 1.

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