Road name signs in Cricket Green Conservation Area

The Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area was created in 1969.

The road name signs have a green background, with large white lettering for the name of the road, and underneath is written, in smaller letters, ‘Cricket Green Conservation Area’.

A white horizontal line below the lettering indicates a cricket pitch. At the left and right hand ends of the sign are three white vertical lines, with a white horizontal line on top, to illustrate cricket wickets. The white horizontal line on which they sit extends just past these ‘wickets’, to further emphasise that they are on a field. Another white horizontal line, is above the lettering, but not connecting to the ‘wickets’, completes the design.

An example road name sign showing the cricket pitch and wickets design.

As of June 2017, there are 44 road name signs in the conservation area, and can been on this Google map. Of these 44, two are for Chatsworth Place which was removed from the conservation area in 2013.

Of the remaining 42, two have been replaced with an incorrect design. By missing out the gaps between the top horizontal line and the wickets, and the extension of the lower horizontal line at the feet of the wickets, the ‘cricket pitch’ design is lost. Madeira Road and Willow Lane have these new designs.

Errors in the design of the new road name signs lose the ‘cricket pitch’ of two wickets on a field.

Four signs are missing, and can be seen on Google Street Views.

‘Cricket Green’, was on boundary fence of the Burn Bullock, near the junction with London Road. This Street View was from 2009.

‘Church Road’ was a freestanding sign in front of number 10 Church Road, as seen on this Street View from 2015.

‘Lower Green West’ a new freestanding sign, on the north side, between Church Road and Preshaw Crescent, as seen on this Street View from 2015.

‘London Road’ in front of White Hart pub, in this Street View from September 2014.

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