Cameo Cafe

Cafe/restaurant that was at 8 Upper Green East until 1940, then at 197 London Road.

1937 ad

In September 1940 the cafe was badly damaged from the bomb that destroyed the Mitcham Methodist Church. It was reopened at 197 London Road. Mrs Isobel POPAY ran the cafe from 1934 to 1942, when she died, aged 62. Source: Norwood News – Friday 22 May 1942, page 8.

This 1953 photo shows Mitcham Baths on right and further along, on the same side of the London Road, the block numbered 195 to 201. A ‘restaurant’ sign can be seen on the second from the far end property, this is number 197. This clip is from a Merton Memories photo, reference Mit_​Streets_​Lon_​38-47

An ad for an assistant cook in Norwood News – Friday 03 March 1961 showed its phone number was MIT 3359. The 1954 telephone directory shows it at 197 London Road. From around the mid-1980s to 2012 this shop was Ossie’s Taverna.

In a news item from the Norwood News – Friday 15 January 1932, the proprietor of the cafe was Mr Norton. The item was about an argument at a wedding reception that led to an assault, and went to court. From a comment on the Facebook Mitcham History Group, there was a function room upstairs that was used for wedding receptions etc.

1953 OS map showing the London Road. On the left hand side of the road is no. 224 ‘Day Nursery’, which is Eagle House. The block of 4 shops/flats north of the Public Baths shows No. 197 at the second from the far end. The entrance to the Baptist Church was built on in 1962/3.

An advert in the  Norwood News – Friday 19 February 1932 for a piano gives the address of the cafe as number 8 Upper Green East.

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

5 thoughts on “Cameo Cafe

  1. David

    I used to eat at the Cameo in the 1950s. Think it had a picture of a galleon under full sail on the wall inside. Decent food for those days.


  2. Chris

    My Grandmother used to take my sister and I here on a Sunday.
    Surprising, as she owned the Eveline Tea Rooms, just down the road ….!


  3. Tony Gorton

    My parents used to own the cafe in the early 60s. They bought it because they previously owned a cafe called the Cameo Cafe in Woolwich Fond memories.


  4. Jim Derbyshire

    I lived at 12 UGE and my family always called in the 50s and 60s the cafe at 8 UGE, Popays even when it was a different name. I never understood why until I read this post. There is a newsreel of the bomb damage on YouTube which shows the damage clear up starting including my aunt in action at 12 UGE. Later 8 UGE became the Cavatoro Greek Restaurant which expanded into 6 UGE, originally a 2nd hand shop then Indian Restaurant.



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