Manton Way

Manton Way was a short road off the west side of Galpins Road, where Berkshire Way is today.

From the 1939 register there were four houses and the OS map of 1940, shows two houses on either side of the road.

1940 OS map

Occupants in 1939
No. 1
William KNIGHT, 51, professional musician
Edith E. KNIGHT, 44, housewife
Marjorie E. KNIGHT, 16, dressmakers apprentice

No. 2
Ena Elsie LANE, 42, civil servant at the Ministry of Health

No. 3
Thomas BOLTON, 57, butcher
Annie BOLTON, 50, housewife
Robert BOLTON, 19, commercial artist
Nancy V. BOLTON, 16, switchboard operator

No. 4
Alfred William ALLEN, 45, scaffolder
Elsie May ALLEN, 45, housewife
Alfred Robert ALLEN, 14

After WW2, the Pollards Hill Golf Course was developed for housing and the roads were named after counties. Manton Way was extended westward and renamed Berkshire Way.

1954 OS map

Maps are reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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