Stevenson & Rush, grocers, 327 London Road

From the 1954 telephone directory, Stevenson & Rush Ltd., grocers, wine merchants, was at 327 London Road, telephone no. MITcham 0818. They also had 17 other branches in the area of Kingston, Croydon and Leatherhead.

Jan 1948 ad from parish church magazine

The shop was remembered by a user of the Facebook group Mitcham History, who said:

When I think of shops in Mitcham, I remember the names of Harpers sweet shop on the corner of Bramcote Ave and Stevenson & Rush in London Road. Harpers I remember waiting with a bowl to collect the ice cream during rationing and Stevenson & Rush for the smell of ground coffee.

Listed in the 1930 commercial directory as

Stevenson & Rush Ltd. grocers, 325 & 327 London rd. T N 0818

This address was part of The Broadway, subsequently demolished when the London Road was widened.

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