Local newspapers digitised on BNA

A summary of which newspapers are available on the British Newspaper Archive, that may have articles about Mitcham.

It can be useful to browse the newspapers if a general date for a story is known, as sometimes the digitisation hasn’t worked properly, and so can’t be found in a search. When clicking on a newspaper link below, click on the year range offered and that will take you to the search page for that period in that newspaper. Then you can home in on the date required.

County Chronicle, Surrey Herald and Weekly Advertiser for Kent

Croydon Advertiser and East Surrey Reporter

Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser

Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette

Croydon Observer

Croydon Times

Croydon’s Weekly Standard

Hants and Berks Gazette and Middlesex and Surrey Journal

Kingston Informer

Middlesex & Surrey Express

Morning Journal (Kingston)

Norwood News

South London Advertiser

South London Chronicle

South London Journal

South London Mail

South London Press

South London Times and Lambeth Observer

Surrey Advertiser

Surrey Comet

Surrey Gazette

Surrey Herald

Surrey Herald and County Advertiser

Surrey Independent and Wimbledon Mercury

Surrey Mercury

Surrey Mirror

Surrey-Hants Star

Sussex & Surrey Chronicle

Wallington & Carshalton Herald

Wandsworth Borough News

West Surrey Times

Wimbledon News

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