Vectis Road

Road off west side of Streatham Road that connects to Jersey Road and is north of Links Road and south of Seeley Road.

Houses are numbered odd on the north side from 1 at the western end to 45 at the Streatham Road end and are numbered even on the south side from 2 to 66. The connecting road to Seeley Road is named Vectis Gardens.

News Articles


Isobel Elisabeth Charlotte Robinson, married woman of Hedgeley, Banister road, Southampton, claimed from Eva Sale, 43, Vectis road, Mitcham, corsetierre, the return of two pairs corsets, the property of the plaintiff, detained by defendant, or £6. Mr. C. E. Gravely was for the plaintiff. Plaintiff explained that the corsets did not fit her, and she sent them back to be altered and, although she had since paid for them by cheque (she produced the counterfoil) no receipt had been sent and the corsets had not been returned. His Honor gave judgment for the plaintiff for the sum of £8 to be reduced to 10s. if the corsets were returned within 14 days.

Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette – Saturday 22 November 1913

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